Happy Halloween!

I prefer treats over tricks, so I've got a treat for you today! 

I'll be honest....I've never really paid attention to ' Oprah's favorite things' list that she puts out every year, but I saw something online about it the other day, and I thought....hmmm.....I've got favorite things to share too! And I think that they're pretty damn good things :) 

I could list a hundred I'm sure, but below is a solid dozen for you. 

All of the things on this list support me in living a cleaner, greener, healthier, & personal growth focused life.
I'm sure there are some gems in here for you! 


1. The Minimalist Baker. 
This Is hands down my very favorite food blogger. All of her recipes are plant based, and use minimal ingredients that are mostly quality whole foods,. Most meals are ready in about 30 minutes. She makes healthy eating easy, fun, & delicious. I share a LOT of her recipes in newsletters & social media. 

2. Imperfect Produce
I've been using this food delivery service every other week for a few months now, and I love it. They work directly with farmers and sell both overstock produce as well as 'ugly' produce that simply doesn't meet the cosmetic standards of grocery stores, and often goes to waste, even though it's just as tasty and nutritious as 'pretty produce'.  I feel good about doing my part in saving some of this ugly produce from the dumpster. Wasting good food sucks! You can order a box of organic veggies for about 30% less than in the store, You get to pick what's in your box, and they deliver right to your door. Click on the link below to get $10 off your first box:

3. Green chef
Mostly for fun, I've tried a handful of the meal kit delivery services, and I love green chef. Why? Mostly because almost all of their ingredients are organic (something very important to me)  costing only pennies more than the others I've tried with non-organic ingredients. The recipes are creative & delicious. For someone wanting to learn to cook healthier with whole food ingredients, this can be a great thing. For someone like me that loves to cook, it's a fun way to try new recipes I wouldn't otherwise. It's also a super easy way to grab a bag of ingredients, and head to a friends house to prepare a meal together, OR something I'll utilize when I head to a cabin on the beach for a weekend so that I don't have to do the complicated food shopping & packing that usually goes with such a trip for me!
Click on this link to get $25 off your first order: http://greenchef.com/invite/xmzwbb

Home & Body Products: 

4. EWG Product App
When you are wanting to live a cleaner & greener life, it's hard to know what to shop for! We can't always believe products packages that boast to be green, healthy, toxin free, natural, or any other statements. It's good to remember that these statements really have a lot more to do with marketing than with actual ingredients. It's up to us to really know what's in our food, home products, & body products. That's why I LOVE this app from the environmental working group. You can scan products, review the rating, and then make the best choice possible with ease! Download here: https://www.ewg.org/apps/

5. Beauty Counter
Do you have any idea how many toxins are in the skin care products and make-up that you use? You likely don't want to know. If you are ready to switch over to a line that you know is clean, healthy for you & your skin, as well as healthy for the environment, then this is a great line. (the EWG recommends this line as one of the cleaner ones, and they have done their homework!) I'm also really happy with everything I've ordered. The quality is fabulous, and I'm surprised how long they last! 

6. H2O at home
When it comes to home cleaning products, H2O @ home has my highest praise! I've only just begun to collect their line of house cleaning products, and I love them all. Many of them allow me to do a thorough job cleaning with only water! Everything is extremely environmentally friendly - clean for you, your family, & the planet. Bonus - the items I've acquired so far actually make cleaning a lot easier! They also carry clean personal body products. My lovely friend, Nancy is an advisor, and would be happy to answer any questions for you, educate you on the products, and even do an in home demo if you are local to the surrounding Olympia area! 
Phone: (360)259-5518
Email: ncbroach@gmail.com
Website in the link above.

Personal Growth/Lifestyle: 

7. Inquiry Cards
I LOVE this deck. It's a beautiful deck of cards with personal inquiry questions on them. I use them when I work with clients privately, in groups, and in workshops. I use them at home by pulling a card for the day, or by pulling cards around a topic in life that I'm struggling with or trying to make a decision around. They can be a great way to have intentional conversations around the dinner table, gathering with friends, or as a way to get acquainted & build rapport in a group. Self inquiry is always a great thing. My deck has been used and used to much delight!

8. Insight Timer
This is a meditation app that is fabulous! Thousands of guided meditations for free, as well as a meditation timer with calming sounds. I use this app almost daily. There's now talks available on the app as well as courses you can purchase. 

9. Passion Planner
I LOVE this planner. I received my planner for 2019 recently, and it's the 4th year in a row that I'm using one. It guides you through setting goals for the year & dispersing the steps to meeting those goals throughout the months. There's monthly check ins, and so much more. If you are looking for a planner to not just keep your schedule, but to guide your year to accomplishing all that you want to, this planner is for you. 


10. Vivobarefoot Shoes
I really don't like wearing clunky shoes...I have sprained my ankles to many times to wear any kind of heels &  I hate how hiking boots make me feel like I've got blocks strapped to my feet. I'm a minimalist when it comes to shoes...I love to feel as barefoot as possible. I feel like I move more naturally, keep posture better, and feel a lot less clumsy. After getting some vibram barefoot shoes, I was sold on the barefoot sole style of shoe. (Not the 5-finger ones. I was never into having my toes separated!) Vivobarefoot sells great quality shoes with barefoot soles allowing you to feel as barefooted as possible, even in hiking boots, or thermal winter boots. I got a pair of their hiking boots recently, and I feel like I'm frolicking in the forest with them, without the weight & clunk of regular hiking shoes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes. I've never had a pair of hiking shoes that I feel like I can dance in! And this is a good thing, because I like to dance on the trail sometimes :) 

11. Pact  - Fair Trade Organic Cotton Clothing
I hate how disposable clothing is these days. Also how much of it is made of plastic! Plastic that we are wearing against our skin, and is ending up in our water ways from washing, and filling our landfills. I won't even get into supporting sweat shops in purchases, but I needed to at least mention it. I like to feel good about the source when I'm purchasing new clothing. I also want it to last, rather than show a lot of wear after a few washes. Pact is a fabulous company offering fair trade organic cotton clothing made in small batches. It's quality stuff that you can wash & dry over & over without showing any wear, and it's soft & comfortable as all get out! Their prices are great for the quality of the clothing they sell, and they have good sales. All of my 'basics' are slowing coming from this company....underwear, socks, tanks, bralettes, tights, t-shirts, etc. Click this link to get 20% off your first purchase: http://fbuy.me/kIN89

12. The beach (as pictured above) Just go to the beach. It's so good for you!

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions about any of these, and I'd love to hear about your favorites too! What are your favorite products that help you live a healthy , clean, green, & happy life? 

Cheers to an amazing week!