Happy New Year!

Now that the holiday festivities have simmered down.....have you taken time to really honor the last year of your life, and clearly set intentions for the new year? 

I have a gift for you today to help you in doing just that! 

Honoring the last year of your life is important. Why? Because we often don't give ourselves credit for all we have accomplished, and sometimes it doesn't even feel like we have accomplished much in the last year unless we really check in with ourselves and review. It can be easy to have the hard times and the things that we didn't follow through with in the forefront of our mind, rather than celebrating all of the goodness! All that we have accomplished.

All that we are grateful for.

All that we have learned.

All the fun we've had.

Taking this time is energizing and helps to keep us motivated in moving forward!

Clearly setting intentions for the new year is important too. Why? Because setting weak, unclear intentions for the new year generally never sticks. Taking some time to really dive into what you want to change, shift, or accomplish and writing these things down in detail along with a plan will help you to keep on track! 

Now, back to the gift that I've created for you! Simply click on the link below to download your New Year 2019 Review and Manifesto! This journaling worksheet I've created will guide you through a thoughtful review of your last year, as well as setting your clear intentions for 2019 in a way that you will actually follow through! 

Here it is: 2019 REVIEW & MANIFESTO

Simply download this PDF, print it out, curl up with something delicious to sip on, and give yourself an hour to work on it. This is some magical time to gift to yourself! 

Wishing you a beautiful new year, abundant in all that makes your heart sing! 


PS - Feeling like you could succeed in manifesting all you want in 2019 with some support, rather than going it alone? Drop me a line and schedule a complimentary session with me. You'll likely gain a lot of clarity, and it's your chance to decide if continuing some work with me might be a great fit for you!

One more thing - if you are a woman local to the Olympia area, check out this Group Coaching Experience coming up soon, as well as the New Year New You Day long workshop being offered in a few weeks!