What's one of the most effective personal growth tools? 


Do you journal? Maybe you have in the past? Or maybe it's something that you just never got into?

Maybe when you think of journaling, you have an image in your head of a teenager laying in bed, belly down, feet kicked up in the air, and writing with a glitter pen in a little book that has a lock & key? Ha! If so, know that it's so much more than that! ( I used to be one of those girls by the way!)

I firmly believe it's one of the most effective personal growth tools you can utilize. 

Its free, it takes little time to do, and the benefits are wonderful. 

It's like having a great conversation, only the conversation is  all to yourself, without the outside influence of others,

What are some of the benefits of journaling? 

  • It's a way to check in with yourself. 

  • Self exploration. 

  • It can help alleviate depression, anxiety, & stress. It can help alleviate stress & anxiety by taking the time to think things out, find clarity, identify causes of issues, and help to you come to conclusions on how you really feel or how to best handle a situation. 

  • It can be great for sparking creativity.

  • It can be a fabulous tool for personal check ins & self analysis around any area of life - work, health, relationships, etc. 

  • It allows you a place to describe experiences you've had & to process them. 

  • It gives you a way to hold memories of important happenings in your life. 

  • Journaling helps you to clarify your thoughts & feelings. 

  • It helps you to get to know yourself better, building a stronger relationship with yourself. 

  • Regular journaling can help you to solve problems more effectively and more easily settle disagreements with people in your life.

  • It's really some of the cheapest (okay-free) therapy you can get if you dedicate yourself to it. 

How to journal? 

  • Journaling does not need to follow any kind of particular structure, unless you create one that works well for you of course, then maybe it does! 

  • Always keep your journal private - for your eyes only. This really allows you to easily let go and allow what wants to come out, come out, as you have created a safe space for yourself to do so.

  • As you write, let it flow out, not worrying about spelling, grammar, or punctuation . Just write!

  • Unsure of what to write about? Take a few minutes to close your eyes, check in with yourself & ask yourself some personal inquiry questions. Ask yourself what's most beneficial to write about today? What's up with you today? 

  • If you don't already journal regularly & want to give it a chance to see how you benefit from it, give it a little time. Dedicate yourself to journaling daily for a period of time. You don't need to start with a lot. Even jotting your thoughts down for just 5-10 minutes a day can be helpful . 

If you feel stumped on how to start, or what to write, here are some cues you can use. 

  • Write down 3 things that you are the most grateful for in your day. 

  • Write the following for the day: Something you are proud of, something or someone you forgive, and something you are grateful for. 

  • Write to yourself as if you are giving advice to a friend. 

  • Write a letter to someone that you don't plan to send, simply to express yourself & find clarity in how you feel.

  • Ask yourself one of the following self inquiry questions: 

    • What if I wasn't afraid? 

    • What lessons did I learn today?

    • Am I happy with how I spent my time today? How could I do better? 

    •  What am I ready for?

    • What brought me joy today?

    • What felt like a struggle today, and how can I best support myself here?

    • What needs attention in my life?

    • What is my body trying to tell me?

    • What are my strengths?

If you journal regularly, you already know all of the above, and maybe you could add to the list of benefits? If you are not, are hesitant or plain reluctant to it, I encourage you to give it a try for a period of time. Give it a solid shot, and see how it feels after a while, If you decide it's not the best practice for you, then at least you tried something new, and likely learned something from the experience. It's always good to try new things & explore new avenues of growth!

Wishing you a fabulous rest of your week!