We all know that practicing gratitude is something that has amazing benefits in keeping a positive mindset, and maintaining a level of happiness in life that feels really good. Today I want to share a different spin on a gratitude practice with enormous benefits.

If you take in articles or books in the area of personal development & happiness, it's likely that you have read about how beneficial practicing gratitude can be. It can increase your level of happiness in life in a big way.  Maybe you have read about gratitude journaling or participated in a 'gratitude challenge' where you journal about what you are grateful for daily for a certain period of time. You've likely seen many people choose to do these kind of things publicly on social media as well. 

When gratitude becomes a habit, it increases your happiness level simply because it becomes your habit to focus on the good!

This video I want to share with you today is something that came across some time ago, and it's always stuck with me. It shows that taking your gratitude practice a step further by actually expressing gratitude to the people in your life, can increase your happiness level in a big way! It also spreads the happiness to the people that you reach out to. 

Take a few minutes to watch this!

What Makes You Happy? An Experiment in Gratitude, by Soul Pancake

What can you do with this information? Express some gratitude to the people in your life that you are grateful for. The people that have stood by your side, supported you, encouraged you, influenced you in big ways....the people that have made a difference in your life somehow. Perhaps it's being intentional about making some phone calls, writing some emails, or just getting into the habit of telling people how much you appreciate them in the moment. Perhaps making a commitment to contacting one person per week for a period of time to tell them what you appreciate about them? Can you imagine how good it would feel to contact one person per week expressing your gratitude to them for the rest of the year? Your happiness level may bursting at the seems by the end of the year! 

I'd love to hear about how you might choose to intentionally practice this! 

Wishing you a very happy rest of your week! 


PS- If you haven't watched other 'Soul Pancake' videos, I suggest you do! They are always uplifting :)