Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Maybe you are both like me?

I want to talk a bit about self care today based on your personality type!

I like using personality tests as self exploration tools. Self care is important and knowing whether you tend towards the introvert or extrovert side is important in knowing how to take care of yourself. 

The Meyers-Briggs test is a standard personality test that you have likely heard of. There are a lot of free personality tests based off of this one that you can take online, or you can pay to have the full test and results. Whenever I've taken these tests, I tend towards the extrovert personality, but not by much! I always get results that tell me that I'm only a little bit more extroverted than introverted. If you haven't done these tests yourself, I highly recommend you do, as they can be eye-opening, self-exploration tools, and a great way to get to know yourself more deeply. 

When most people think about introverts vs extroverts, they think that it only has to do with how people like to spend their time and engage....either around a lot of people, being the center of attention, or not. This is true, yes, but what everyone doesn't know or think about is that this time spent is actually how people feed their energy! It's really important to know how to properly feed yourself! Introverts literally GAIN their energy by spending quiet time alone, or one on one with people in quiet, non-chaotic circumstances. Extroverts GAIN their energy by spending time with people. A holiday party for example can feed the energy reserve of an extrovert, while it can drain an introvert. It doesn't mean that introverts don't enjoy being around people, it simply means that it can leave them feeling drained at the same time, and they most likely prefer their interactions to be in small groups or one on one. 

Over the past year, I've personally been more aware of the needs of my introvert/extrovert self, especially being I'm fairy even keeled here. When I find myself feeling drained, it's usually because I've neglected feeding my introvert. Being quite extroverted, It's easy for me to spend a lot of time with people in my work & socially, and forget to feed the introvert in me. When I deny myself the introverted time, I start feeling it. I'll start feeling drained, and like all I want to do is curl up and Netflix binge by myself. 

I just returned from a 4 day vacation with family & friends over Christmas. We spent time on the beaches and in the rainforest of the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. While having an amazing time, I'm feeling much more in tune with the needs of the introvert in me, and knew that when I returned home, I needed to create space for myself to just be. Quiet time at home working alone is just what I needed. Up until this last year of my life I never paid a lot of attention to my needs in this area, and now I'm hyper tuned to them, allowing me to really give myself the time I need to feel energized & in balance again. I can plan for it! It's some of the best self care I gift to myself, and all because I've found a deep understanding of my needs in this area.

Are you in tune with your introvert/extrovert needs? Can you tell when you are feeling drained from too much time alone or too many parties? How can you better plan to support yourself here?

The better you know yourself, the better you are able to take good care of yourself, keeping your metaphorical cup full. So if you are a strong extrovert, keep the holiday parties rolling! And if you are an introvert that's feeling a bit drained from all the holiday madness, give yourself a break, curl up, and give yourself some quiet time that you are craving. Think of your needs in this area like food. Feed yourself what you need, and you'll continue feeling great! 

Happiest of holidays to you!