How are you doing in the area of Self Love? 
How do you even determine that?

A great way to check in with yourself in this area is to inquire: What does your inner self talk sound like? Is the dialog you have with yourself in your head kind & loving or is it harsh & judgmental? 

Do you go easy on yourself when you forget things? Run late for an appointment? Snap at your kids or coworkers? Eat a bag of cookies when you get home from work? When you don't live up to your ideal image of perfection, do you talk harshly to yourself or push yourself too hard?

There are a lot of things that we can do in the area of loving ourselves harder, and I think focusing on how you talk to yourself is the best place to start, and also the place where you can make the biggest difference!

A good exercise is to catch yourself in the moment when you are being harsh on yourself about something. Maybe you made a mistake at work, or had a clumsy accident of some kind and broke something....first, catch how you are talking to yourself. Bring awareness to what your inner dialog sounds like. Now....imagine that you are talking to a young person that you love. Someone that you cherish, protect, and are a role model to in life. How would you talk to them if they had this clumsy accident? Would you be harsh with them? Or would you be kind, gentle, forgiving , and soothing? My guess is the latter......

We can focus on a lot of external acts of self love, but unless we switch our internal relationship with ourselves, the external acts don't mean as much. How do you work on any relationship? Communication, right? When you get the loving communication down, the external acts fall into place. 

My challenge to you this week is to notice how you are talking to yourself as much as you can. When you catch yourself being harsh, flip it to something softer, more loving. If it helps, picture your inner child....picture yourself at 6 years old. How would you talk to her or him? Flip your talk to that. See how this shifts the energy in you! 

Remember that EVERYTHING is habit. The more you work with this, the easier it will come to you naturally. 

When you love yourself, a ripple effect happens around you. You surround yourself in love. You spread love. You have more love to give. You can more easily receive love. You make decisions that reflect your love. All of this creates a ripple effect in your home, your workplace, your neighborhood, your community, your country, your world. 

Do You Want To Live In A More Loving World? 

Let’s Start With Ourselves!

Wishing you an abundance of love in your week!