Are you reacting to life's events, or responding to them? 

What's the difference?

“When I look back on my knee-jerk reactions now, I realize I should have just taken a breath.”

— Fred Durst

Reaction can be survival oriented. Reactions can be driven by beliefs & insecurities of the unconscious mind. They generally don't take long term effects into consideration, and they are almost always quick. 

A response, generally takes a bit longer. A response is a group effort between your conscious and unconscious mind. It takes long term effects into consideration as well as your well being and the well being of those around you. 

A reaction and a response may apear really similar, but they feel very different. 

If we are reacting from a place of belief that we are not even aware of (unconscious mind) the results can be less than desirable. 

So, how can you work to respond rather than react in life? 

Simply pay attention to when what you say or do feels off kilter. Pause before you react. Give yourself a minute to check in and respond.  If you didn't stop & notice before something came out of your mouth, you can still catch it after. You know when you try explaining how you feel about something, and it just doesn't feel right? It's okay to back say "hold on, how I worded that doesn't feel right" .....and then take a breath, connect, and try again. 

Secondly, If we can continue to work on our subconscious mind to change belief systems there to ones that serves us, as opposed to ones based on fear & insecurities, well....then our subconscious minds will serve us much better in the moment. This can be done through meditation, therapy, coaching, writing, journaling, tapping, hypnotherapy, mantras, and/or whatever kind of work you feel drawn to doing in this area. 

My challenge for you this week is to pay attention. Simply pay attention to how you react or respond to situations that come up in life that are stressful, or uncomfortable in some way. Are you reacting or responding? How can YOU work to respond rather than react? 

Wishing you a good feeling rest of your week!