Today is the last day of my semi-annual 10-day cleanse. Twice a year I do a cleanse where I'm eating minimally, just vegetables & fruits, drinking 3 green drinks per day, and taking supplements to support my body. I'm cleansing my system while loading up on superfoods. It makes me feel amazing every time I do it. I could write a short book on all of the benefits of this twice a year ritual for me, but today I want to talk with you about just one of them.....

Every time I do this cleanse, I continue to build trust in myself that I can follow through with things that are important to me and that can feel hard to do.

While I eat a really healthy diet, I'm not a purist. I love to indulge in bread, cheese, and pastries, (In moderation of course!) so doing this cleanse is always a challenge. As I was driving by my favorite local French patisserie the other day, and fiercely craving a cheese croissant while I sipped on my green juice, I thought about how this ritual cleanse I do really helps me to gain trust in myself that I can make the choices to do the things that are good for me. I gain trust that I can follow through with what I say I'm going to do, even when it doesn't feel easy. Every time, I come out of it feeling proud of my self, empowered, and like I've gained much more than a physical cleansing.

People talk a lot about willpower (control of yourself/resisting impulses) when it comes to things like diet, breaking habits, making healthy choices in all areas of life, I really think that the conversation would benefit from focusing on building trust in yourself. When we hear the word 'willpower' a lot of people tend to have an attitude of.....'oh, I can't do that. I don't have the willpower'.

Because I've been doing this cleanse for years, I trust that I can push past any cravings or impulses to 'cheat'. It's easier & easier to follow through with the 10 days every time. I feel more empowered every time in this way because I've built the trust in myself that I can and I will follow through.

I've had a lot of clients & friends I've talked to that would love to do this cleanse, but they have a clear 'story' about how they don't have the 'willpower' to do it. I think it's a great way to practice. And I think that there are a lot of ways that you can practice building trust in yourself that you can follow through anything that you want to do for yourself!

We all have things that we want to say no to and say yes instead.
We all have things that we want to say yes to and say no instead.
We all have things that we want to accomplish & follow through with in our lives that feel like a struggle.
We don't always choose to follow through and when we falter on the intentions we set, we continue to amplify the 'story' that we just can't do it.

Dedicating yourself to saying yes when you want to say yes, saying no when you want to say no, following through with things you want to accomplish, following through with what you say you will do, and pushing yourself through the steps you need to take to live the life that you want to is like building a muscle of self-trust.

When you continually build the muscle of self-trust, you continue to trust that you can follow through with so many things in life. It shifts how you approach everything.

What is coming to mind for you as you read this?
Do you need to start flexing your muscle of self-trust?
Do you have a story that you are telling yourself about not being able to follow through with what you really want?
Is there something specific that you are not doing in your life because you have doubts that you can follow through... so you simply never start?
What have you said that you would do, and not yet followed through with?

I want to challenge you to start flexing the muscle.
Take steps to begin to build it.
Start small & follow through with something.
Celebrate it!
Then follow through with something else.
Keep flexing.
Before you know it, you will be approaching the bigger things that you've been avoiding with confidence.

Wishing you a strong rest of your week!



A couple of plugs from my story!

(Because I love to plug local businesses, not because I want to encourage too many pastries!)
If you are local to Olympia and are not familiar with the Left Bank Patisserie, check them out the next time you want to treat yourself to a fine French pastry. When I indulge in rich & sweet foods, I make it worth it. The indulgence is going to be made with whole quality ingredients, and it's going to be divine! They are my favorite treat in town when I'm going to indulge :)

If you are curious about the cleanse that I love to do, the link is below! If you have any questions, want some support in doing one yourself, or want a great discount on your order, just let me know! I'm more than happy to help!
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