Cookie cutters are for cookies. Not your life. 

There's a growing trend in the personal growth realm that I seem to be pondering a lot lately. The trend I speak of is what I call cookie cutter programs. Whether it's diet, personal growth, business growth, fitness, etc. 

You are a human - not a cookie. (News flash! lol!) We are not all the same. We have different body chemistry, different past experiences, different emotional states, different belief systems, different mental states, different operating systems....we are all originals, and we are operating from our own way of being. What works for one person might not work for you. One persons nourishing food could be another person's poison. One persons path to healing may not be the right path for the next. One persons method of organization and productivity might make the next feel scattered. One persons operating system may not be compatible for the next. 

If you are reading this, I'm guessing you are someone that is interested in personal growth, wellness, and continually growing as a person in life. As you peruse books, websites, & online programs how often do you take in very specific 'cookie cutter' systems or ways of doing things?

It's wonderful how much access we have to so many different theories, programs, & personal growth information! It's a huge blessing. I share a lot of this kind of info myself in newsletters & blog posts.

The message I want to get across today is that it still is up to you to figure out what works for YOU personally. Take in all the info. Read the diet plan. Take the course. Read the book... AND - know that exactly what has worked for one person may not work the same way for you. As you are on your own personal journey, allow all of this information to be filtered by you. Try things out. Retain the things that work for you, and let go of the things that don't. Tweak the program. Understand that finding your own way is the only way that will really truly serve you the best. 

As I work with private clients, I sometimes find myself working with someone that wants me to tell them what to do. They want me to give them the road map, when I I don't have the roadmap to their life. I only have the map to mine. What I do in my work with clients is help them to create their own map. That includes suggestions, support, tools, and guidance, but in the end, my clients need to discover what the best path is for them, and when they do - wow - it's beautiful to witness! 

When I facilitate workshops on various topics (handling stress, self care, clean eating, time management, etc) my aim is always to present a lot of ideas & tools. Not every idea or tool is going to resonate with every participant, and I know this. I also know that at the workshops end, each person leaves with at least a few things that really resonate with them, that may work for their life, that works with how they personally operate, and that they can go home and explore implementing to see how they work for them. THAT is what I'm going for!

I know that you are not made from a cookie cutter. I know that you are a unique human different from every other human on the planet. My goal is to always supply useful information, tips, tools, and food for thought. What you do with it, is up to you. Disregard what doesn't resonate or doesn't work for you & your life, and hold onto what does. The more you explore personal growth & wellness in this way, the more you really get to know yourself, and the more you grow & create the life that feels just right for you. No one else can tell you exactly how you 'should' be doing life accurately. You are in charge of that! So I encourage you to explore & have fun with finding your own way. THIS is truly personal growth. 

Design a life for yourself that you love to live, on your own terms. 

Be your own guru. 

With love,