Feeling far busier than you would like to be? Last week I sent out some practical tips on how to get more out of the hours of your day. This week I want to share with you how important mindset is around time, how you manage it, how you talk about it, and how you feel about it. 

Time management has been a hot topic in my world lately. Everyone seems far too busy these days, and in my coaching practice, I hear about it a lot. It's also something that I am always working on personally. We live in a society that creates a lot of pressure in keeping far too busy. It's up to us to set our own pace. 

As with everything in life that we are working on, there is a practical side of how we do things, as I talked about in last weeks newsletter with tips on managing your time. The other important piece is always mindset. 

It seems as though being busy is worn like a badge of honor in our society. There can be feelings of worthiness attached to being busy. You run into someone, ask how they are doing and the answer is: "I've been so busy!"  "I have so much going on that i can barely keep up!" 

Sound familiar? 

How much worthiness have we attached to being busy in our society? Do you feel as worthy if you are moving a slower pace, a really enjoying what you are spending your time on? 

What if you instead focused on knowing that your worthiness as a human being is not directly tied to how busy you are or how much you are getting done? How different would that feel? Maybe you have been attaching a sense of worthiness to your busyness with out even realizing it? 

Your worthiness is not dependent on how busy you are. It's not a badge of honor. Your life doesn't mean more because you are doing more. 

You are perfectly worthy just being. Shifting your mindset here can make a tremendous difference. 

And also....

Stop with the time scarcity language. Believe me, I know this to be true from personal experience. If your story is that you are always SO busy, you will be living it. Constantly talking about not having enough time is not helping, I promise. Instead, change your language around how you spend your time. Use abundance language. Essentially, change the story that you are telling yourself about your time scarcity. Scarcity breeds scarcity. Speak out about time abundance, and time will be more abundant....even if nothing changes. This will feel different.

Even if you are not able to set any responsibilities aside, and nothing changes in your schedule, taking on a new attitude around time can make it all feel a whole lot better. Chances are changing your story around time from a story of scarcity to a story of abundance will actaully create some change as well. We are the creators of our life, and it's up to us to create the life we want. Oftne times changing our story is the first, and most powerful step in this. 

Wishing you an abundant week in all that matters to you,