How often do you create space in your life for you to just BE? 
And when you do create some space & time....are you actually owning it? 
Or are you spending that precious time feeling like you 'should' be doing something else....something 'more productive'? 

This is a conversation I've been having a lot lately. So many of us struggle to find time for ourselves to just be, to relax, to rest. Often when we do find that time, we spend it feeling like we 'should' be doing something 'productive'....

Do you know what's productive? REST! 
Real rest....where you are fully owning that time for yourself, and letting go of all of the 'shoulds' you feel like you are supposed to be doing. Yes, I know, we have busy lives. Being actively productive in our full lives is great, and in order to continue to feel good in being productive, we do need to rest from time to time. Trying to rest when we are feeling guilty for not doing other things, is not truly rest. 

The picture above is me laying in a hammock, on a beach in Mexico a handful of years back. I was looking at some old pictures and remembering this trip where I took SO much time to just BE. I spent hours laying in the hammock just watching the waves roll in, and it felt glorious. 

I tend to be a busy-body. I have a full life, and I like it that way, but I've had a tendency in the past to fill life up with so much work & activity that I didn't allow true rest. I began to schedule space in for myself to relax. Once I started doing that, I realized that I needed to really OWN that time. It felt like learning to meditate. I had to continually shift my mindset, and bring my mind back to rest when it wandered to things I felt like I 'should' be doing. It took time to really truly own this space I'd created for myself. It got easier with practice. I still sometimes struggle to own the downtime that I create for myself, and when the struggle shows up, I remind myself of how very valuable this time of rest is. I remind myself how much more clear headed, happy, and productive I am after I take a full Sunday to just be, and then I'm able to own it again. The more I practice this, the easier it gets. The easier it gets, the more space I have for myself to deeply rest. I've developed a new way of operating in this way.

Developing new ways of operating in life take some time. Everything is a habit, and habits can be built with practice. Don't ever think that you are just a certain way and that you can't change, because you can. You CAN learn to prioritize creating space for yourself to just 'be', and you can reap the benefits of such sweet self-care. 

Create some space for yourself this week. You deserve it. 

Wishing you a beautiful rest of your week,