Here we are in the 4th month of the year.....and I wonder if you are forgetting something? 

At the beginning of every year, there is a LOT of talk around new year resolutions, new year in intentions, words or phrases of the year....and every year, I seem to hear nothing on the topic after January & February is over. Why aren't we continueing this conversation? After all, we start the new year off feeling super jazzed about whatever it is we decided to change, transform, accomplish, focus on, and then often we tend to trail off...

So today I want to restart this conversation! Consider this a check-in! 

How are you doing with the intentions you set for the new year? What kind of intentions did you set? Resolutions? Did you pick a word of the year? If so, how are you living it? 

The reason this came to mind for me is because this past week, I fully followed through with the intention I set in the new year to make space for more creative time in my life. Creativity is essential for me. I've been a jewelry artist much of my life and have always been crafty & creative in various ways. I've realized that over the past couple of years, I simply haven't made enough time for creating things! Close to 20 years ago I took a short beginners pottery class on the wheel. I really enjoyed it, and always had the intention of returning to learn more about the art. A couple of months into the year, when I realized that I wasn't doing a very good job at making the space in my schedule for creative time as I intended to, I decided to finally follow through with a long standing idea and sign up for a pottery class. I knew that if I signed up and paid for a class that the creative time would be there. I had scheduled it in for myself and made it a priority. Just a few of classes in it feels SO good! It feels good to have held my promise to myself that I made at the beginning of the year. It feels good to follow through with something I have been wanting to return to for years. It feels good to have 6 hours a week while I'm in this class that is solely focused on learning a new art & creating. And this art form is so very meditative for me that I am getting out of it exactly what I was hoping for....time in the 'zone'....when everything else on my mind fades into the background and I'm solely tapping into the creative side of my being. It's also lit the creative fire in me again and I know that continueing to make space for creative time after this class ends will come more naturally with ease. I'm reminded how important this is for me. 

One of my other big new year intentions this year was to align myself and my actions with the phrase "What Lights Me Up?". I've been using this as a sort of filter to run things through. Life is busy, and there are lots of ways to spend our time. Asking myself the above question helps me to prioritize what I put my time & energy into. Signing up for this class, and learning a new art form is definitely something that lights me up. 

Enough about me....back to you! When we set intentions, resolutions, whichever words you choose to use for yourself, it seems like when we fail to follow through in the first month or two of the new year, it's easy to feel like "ah well...I didn't follow through, just like other years. Maybe next year will be different." STOP IT! Just stop. You can pick up these intentions ANYTIME and follow through. January 1st is simply a date. Today, April 11th is a date that you can start up with anything you intended to start 4 months ago. You CAN follow through today! 

So, tell me! What are you going to follow through with this month? What is it that you lost focus on after the new year, that you can bring back into focus? 

I used the picture above to remind you that you have a choice today. You can choose to stay on a path of ignoring the intentions you set and haven't followed through with, or you can choose the other path, telling yourself it's not too late to follow through and readjust your focus on these things that felt so important to you a few months ago....which will you choose? 

I'd love to hear from you about this topic! What are the things you let fall by the wayside after the new year? What do you plan to follow through with? If you have kept on track with your new year intentions, what helped you to do so? What have you accomplished or transformed?

Now is always the perfect time for a first step towards what you want. 

Wishing you a beautiful new spring season!