I pulled a card for you today from my favorite deck!

I have deck of 'Inquiry cards' meant to help you dive deep, use your intuition, get un-stuck, and continue the ever lasting journey of personal growth. Coaching really is all about the art of asking the right questions.....why? Because we all have the answers inside of us. Sometimes we just need some help in finding our answers through being asked the right questions, and having the space held to tap into them. 

Do yourself a favor today, and hold the space for yourself. Take a little time, quiet your mind, and ask yourself the following question: 

"What Can I Let Go Of?"

I think this is an important question to ask ourselves regularly. We tend to accumulate things in life that don't really serve us, and if we don't stop to ask ourself this question from time to time, it can be easy to go through the days of life being much more weighted down than is ever necessary! 

So, after quieting your mind, allow yourself to sit with the question above. What intuitively comes up for you? Don't overthink it. Allow your intuition to do the work, and trust what comes up without overthinking anything. 

What are some things that YOU can let go of that are not serving your greatest, highest good in life? Things that are causing stress, ill health, unpleasant feelings, exhaustion, or that are weighing you down?

Unhealthy habits? 
Unhealthy relationships? 
Self judgement? 
Stress over things you can't control?

Allow yourself to focus on 1 or 2 things that come up for you and feel the most important. Journal or meditate on these things, and ask yourself HOW you can let them go? What are some action steps that you can take? How can you set the intention and follow through with letting them go? 

Having a coach can certainly be focused on setting and reaching goals, and often is, but I've got to say that I think what I love most about working with the private clients that I do, as well as what I love most about the coaching that I receive myself is the self discovery aspect through asking the right questions, diving deep, learning to trust intuition, and through this all, truly creating a life that is authentic to who you are and a life that lights you up! 

Wishing you a fabulous week!!