I want to touch on a topic today that I've been having conversations around a lot lately. This is a big topic, and I'm just going to skim the surface here to get you thinking.........

We are a nation with a lot of over weight, yet undernourished people. Before all of the convenience foods became available in our culture this wasn't ever an issue. Our bodies need nutrients, a lot of them, to run in the most optimal way. If you think about what the majority of what americans eat, and how nutrient deficient the foods are, no wonder we are overweight, and sick! Being full, and eating a certain quantity every day does not equal being nourished. 

When it comes to eating for your health and weight loss, the norm for many seems to be counting.....counting calories, grams of fat, etc. The focus for many tends to be on restricting calories solely for weight loss thinking that will lead to health, but not necessarily focusing on how much nutrition you are getting in! 

What if......we stopped counting calories, and instead, started focusing on how much nutrition we could get into your body with everything you are putting in your mouth? What if we focused on nutrient dense foods that were fresh and that really nourished our bodies!?!?

The wise words of Micheal Pollan = "Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." 

When we are eating foods that are fresh & full of nutrients, our bodies are getting what they need to be healthy, and we feel satisfied, full, and not craving more. When we are simply counting calories for weight loss, we maybe missing the mark on what our bodies need to feel nourished & satisfied, leading to feeling deprived, hungry, and not that healthy even if the weight is coming off that we want. When we eat empty calories via convenience foods & junk foods, not only is our body still literally starving for nutrients, but it leaves us feeling really hungry again soon, leading to an addictive cycle of eating more than we need to while, not getting the nourishment we need. 

Maybe you are not someone who is focused on counting calories & weight loss, or maybe you are someone who has been on the rollercoaster of weight loss their whole lives. Maybe you know & love someone that has been on the rollercoaster, and continually works hard at counting all of the calories that go in....a frustrating cycle. 

I'd like to extend some simple, healthful advice today: Stop. Stop driving yourself crazy counting the calories. START thinking about how much nutrition you are getting into your body instead, and simply work on portion control of those foods! Your body will thank you endlessly! 

Besides having conversations around this topic lately, it's also been on my own mind as I am on day 7 today of my semi-annual 10 day Transformation Cleanse by Purium. For 10 days, I limit what I eat, but I am LOADING my body up with more nutrients than it gets regularly (and i generally eat pretty well!). It always amazes me how wonderful I feel towards the end of this cleanse! High energy, and a clear focused mind...because I am giving my body all it wants and then some! 

Show yourself some love! Feed your body well! Pack it with nutrients, and it will thank you in return! 

Could you use some support in this area? I work with my clients on getting better nutrition, weight loss, and changing their relationship with food to a healthy one.....with out a lot of complicated counting. We work to create a lifestyle shift that will last. If you or someone you know would like some support, just get in touch. I'd be happy to chat with you! 

Wishing you a beautiful & healthful rest of your week!