As always, I like to write around topics that come up in conversation both in sessions with my clients as well as my personal life, and this is something that has been coming up a lot lately…..


The feeling of never getting enough done. 

If this resonates with you at all, I think you’ll find this message valuable today. 

In our society, we are generally far too busy. The to-do lists are long, and we add to them every day. We often have unreasonable expectations of ourselves in what we want to accomplish each day or each week. We attach a lot of our feelings of worthiness to what we are accomplishing in life, so when we aren’t tackling everything on our lists, we feel inadequate which affects how we feel about ourselves and everything else in life in a negative way. Sound familiar? 

This is one of my favorite quotes: 

“Sometimes a miracle is just a shift in perception” 

-Marianne Williamson

The answer to feeling better about what you are getting done in life is to shift your perception. Instead of constantly dwelling on what we have not accomplished, what if we focused on what we have accomplished? Shifting this focus and perception can lead to you feeling a whole lot better about yourself & your life. When you are feeling better about this, you can end up actually being more productive, and a whole lot more loving to yourself.....which means feeling a whole lot happier....which is what we all really want, right?

There are 2 things I do in my life that helps me with this. 

First off, I use a paper planner for everything - My schedule and my to-do lists. Everything is in one place, and this works well for me in keeping focused & organized. At the end of every week, I take some time to review my week & plan the next week. I spend a good portion of this time reviewing everything I accomplished this week, and that feels really good. After a whirlwind of a week, I could choose to focus on the to-do list items that didn’t get done, but I choose to focus more on the many things that I did accomplish. It’s just a few minutes every week that I celebrate this, and it makes a huge difference in how I feel. 

Secondly, I started a practice this year that I have never done before and that I’m loving! I’m keeping a daily journal of what I’ve done each day. It’s simply the basics of what my day comprised of…..exercise, work, errands, home projects, creative things, time with friends, etc. It’s really just a bullet-pointed list of each day that just takes a couple of minutes each night, and I’m finding it really helpful. I’ve found that it’s really similar to food journaling in that it’s eye-opening for me! I always think I’m perfectly in touch with how I’m eating, but whenever I journal my food for a period of time, I really get a clear picture of how much good I’m putting in, as well as where I can improve. When I journal my days, I really get a snapshot of my life and all I’m doing in a different way than I think about it in my mind. I’ll often have a day fly by that I don’t feel very accomplished until I write it all down, and suddenly, I’m feeling more like “Wow! I had a full day!”, and I fall asleep with a deeper sense of satisfaction with myself & my life. 

So, what if for the next couple of weeks you focused a whole lot more on all of the things you have accomplished in your life & your work rather than the things that you are not getting done? How much do you think this could affect how you feel about yourself & your life? If you are someone that struggles with mindset in this way, I challenge you to take on a different perspective & see how it affects you. 

Mindset is everything. If we can continually adjust our mindset in areas of our life where we feel a struggle, life can quickly begin to feel a whole lot sweeter. 

Wishing you a beautiful rest of your week!