Today I have a really simple, yet very important message for you. Really, you know all of this already, but sometimes we forget, so just consider this a reminder. We have a tendency to overcomplicate things when we don't need to, so let's get to the basics here. 

Have you ever heard the below quote? 

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."
~Albert Einstein

It's easy to feel stuck. I get it. We get into routines, habits, all that is familiar in life. Routines are easy, right? They come naturally, effortlessly....but are your routines & habits serving you? 

Are you wanting different things out of life, yet continuing to operate in the same way? How are you hoping life will change without doing life differently? 

I know this is SO basic, right? But really....are you behaving in a way that is not very sane? Wanting different, yet not doing things differently? I think that we are all guilty of this from time to time. 

Even small changes can make a big difference! Changing your routines, your habits, your perspectives, your view on yourself, how you approach things, & changing your story are ALL valiant efforts that will create big change in your life. 

So, where is it that you feel stuck? In your job? Your relationships? Financially? Your mood or energy level? Your health & vitality? Your day to day mode of operating in this world? 

How do you want things to be different? If you are feeling like you have been running in the same hamster wheel for a while now, and want things to be different, do you know what you want life to look like outside of that wheel?

Step 1 is getting clear on what you want things to look and feel like outside of the repetitive wheel you feel stuck in. 

Step 2 is identifying the routines, habits, or perspectives that are keeping you stuck there. 

Step 3 is discovering what you can be doing differently to create the change that you want.

Step 4 is making those changes! 

It's a super simple formula right? 

So if you are feeling stuck, which all of us do sometimes, it's time to shake things up a bit! You really do need to do things differently if you want your life to look and feel different. 

Is this resonating with you? Is it feeling like a good reminder for you today? 

If so, then take some time to sit with this. Talk it out with a friend or journal around these questions: 

Where do I feel stuck? 

What habits, routines, perspectives, or beliefs are keeping me there? 

What do I need to be doing differently for me to create the change that I want? 

How can I support myself in making those changes? 

Don't overthink doesn't need to be that complicated, I promise :) 

If you want some support to create different results in your life, just drop me a line. 

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week!