I saw the above image on social media recently and it really struck me.....

A major barrier to people changing what they want to in life is that the change can feel too big to take on.

Getting in shape can feel like too much, even though you want it. 
Improving your health feels like too much even though you value your quality of life & want to stay healthy.
Paying off debt can feel impossible, so you stay stuck.
Building a business feels too big, so you don't follow your dream. 
Writing the book you know you have in you feels like something you don't have time to accomplish so you daydream about it without taking any action. 
Creating the relationships & friendships in your life that you crave & that nourish you feel unattainable from your place of loneliness, so you stay hiding and not putting in the effort to develop them. 

Sound like a familiar pattern? What's the result of this pattern? 

You Stay Stuck! 

You stay stuck when you don't need to. Nothing is too big to make progress on. 

I'm going to share a metaphor that I use a lot here....

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! 

(Honestly, I hate to love this metaphor, as I would never eat an elephant, but I think it's an effective one.) 

Every change begins with one action, and it doesn't need to be big. In fact, it's often to your advantage to make steady baby steps towards the things that you really want in life, because you are much more likely to create change in a way that will stick when you ease into it and continually make progress. You don't lose steam this way! You have steady progress, and you can much more easily learn to enjoy the ride! 

So, what is it in your life that you have been hesitating to work towards?
What change are you really wanting to create, but are avoiding because it feels too big?
What's the first step for you? 

Take some time to explore this, and then take some action! Even a little action!
And allow that action you take to inspire you to keep on!

Do something today that your future self will thank you for!
Even if it feels like small movement forward, it IS movement forward and that's what's most important. There's no need to feel stuck - because you are not. 

Wishing you an inspired week!