Feel like you have been working hard in the area of personal growth, and find yourself feeling impatient at times? Why isn't it feeling different yet? Why am I still reacting to things in the same way? Is all this effort worth it?

I love a good metaphor. 

I've been working with a metaphor this past year, and I want to share it with you. 

when it comes to personal growth, transformation, creating your life to look how you want it to look, and feeling how you want to feel, it can take a lot of work, and a lot of patience at times. 

The metaphor that I've been working with this last year is downloading a new operating system. Imagine you are downloading a new operating system on your computer. You choose the system according to how you want your computer to run, you go through the steps to begin the download, and you begin downloading...what happens? You need to wait.....it's downloading....downloading....downloading....the bar you are watching (as in the pic above) is slowing crawling to completion.

Even though file after file is being downloaded, your computer is not going to actually function in this new way until the download is complete. You may have an idea of how many minutes are left, but really, you don't know when it's complete until it says "download complete". Your computer restarts, and BAM....a new system is in place. 

What does this have to do with your personal growth? 

Every new system we implement takes time to download. We are very much like computers ourselves. 

We can be doing the work.....doing the work.....doing the work......and our new operating system isn't going to fully take effect until the download is complete. Sometimes we need to have more patience with ourselves. 

Let me give an example. Perhaps I've working on not taking things personally. Maybe I have taken other peoples opinions or judgements to heart, and beat myself up in the past if I didn't feel accepted by others, when I got corrected at work for making a mistake, I was rejected by someone, or if I felt judgment, etc. Let's say that I have been consciously working on this for some time. I'm working on my self worth, owning and accepting who I am, letting go of others opinions & judgements of me, and knowing that I don't need to be perfect to be worthy. I've been reading books, journaling, meditating on it, working with a coach and/or therapist....I've been doing all of the work. All of it. 

When am I going to actualy FEEL like I am not taking things personally rather than just teling myself I'm not? It can feel easy to give up sometimes....like everything we are focusing on is not working. 

You have a 'download complete' moment. 

I've had a number of these moments myself this past year, which is why I can relate to this metaphor so strongly. 

One day, you are going about your business, and you realize...."Oh, that happened, and I'm not reacting to it like I used to!" Download complete. 

It takes time to change our operating systems that we have held all of our lives.
It takes time for the work that we do to settle into our bones, and really FEEL it.
It takes time to learn to respond to life differently.
It takes time to create new habits, and ways of being. 

In our current world of so much instant gratitification, it can be hard to remember that. 

I want to remind you today, that whatever you are working on, whatever you are focusing on creating in your life.....be patient with yourself! Keep focusing on what feels important for you! 

You WILL have those moments where you realize that your 'download is complete' and know that all of the energy you have put in has been worth it.

You are worth it. 
You are worth the work. 
Living the life you want is worth the work. 
Practice patience & faith that it will come. 
Because it will. 

I would love to hear from you if you have examples of this in your life! 
What moments have you had where you felt like your new download was complete? 
What are the new operating systems that you are working on downlaoding currently?

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week!