How do you start your day? 

I'm talking about those very first few moments as you are waking up, perhaps laying in bed for a bit, and getting up to start your day? 

Do you start your day on your phone? If are not alone.
And if so....the message today is for you!

I've had some conversations around this topic recently where I realized how common it is and how impactful it is to start your day on your phone, so I felt called to talking about it today.  Since the majority of us are so very attached to our phones most of the day, it's become pretty common for it to be the first thing you reach for in the morning. It's pretty common to be checking in with the world of emails, messages, news, and social media before even getting out of bed. Does this sound like you?  I can admit that this has been me from time to time as well.

How you start our day can make a HUGE impact on how the rest of your day goes! When we open our eyes to a new day each morning, setting the tone for your day with intention is one of the most important favors you can do for yourself!

What are you actually doing when you start your day on your smart phone? You are giving up the ability to choose what you are exposed to or focused on in the first moments of your day. You literally give up that very important the internet! When we jump into checking emails, or getting on social media websites like Facebook first thing, we have NO idea what we will be subjected to. It could be something that makes you angry, sad, or frustrated first thing in the morning, thus setting the tone for your day. Are you willing to give that power up to a few minutes with your phone? Wouldn't you rather be in charge here?

Here's my challenge to you...If you are someone that is in the habit of grabbing your phone or laptop first thing in the morning, challenge yourself to switch it up for a week. For just one week, start your day in a conscious way where you are in charge of setting the tone for your day to a positive one. See how different this feels for you. Chances are you will really enjoy your new routine, and decide to continue with it. If this feels challenging for you, leave your phone out of your bedroom entirely! 

What can you do instead? Here are a few ideas to set the tone and start your day in a positive & conscious way:

  • Linger in bed for a few minutes and set your intentions for the day. Maybe you know you have a busy day and you want to set the intention to be mindful and patient with the people you interact with rather than speed through it. Maybe there is something that you are nervous about that you can give yourself a pep talk for? Maybe you just set some general intentions to remain positive and mindful throughout your day?
  • Create a gratitude practice! Starting your day by either writing a few things down that you are grateful for, or simply laying in bed thinking of the things you are grateful for in this new day sets a tone of gratitude for the day, which will make any day feel much sweeter!
  • Meditate! A mediation practice in the morning doesn't need to be a big time requirement. Even just 5 minutes of sitting in silence to start your day can go such a long ways! There are several great apps out there with timers and guided meditations to follow as well. I really like using an app called the Insight Timer. There are thousands of free guided meditations there for you to choose from on all different topics from just a few minutes long to longer ones. 

Imagine going from starting your day on your phone and likely feeling upset about political posts, sad things in the news, or emails about your busy day to starting your day with a sweet guided meditation? Can you imagine how different your day would feel form the start? 

There are a lot of things that we can't control in this world. There are a lot of things within our own experience that we have full control over, and how you start your day is one of them. If this email speaks to you, I challenge you to create a new morning routine for yourself. Try it on for a week, and see what an impact it makes. My guess is that you will be surprised at the impact, and want to continue. Play with different ways of starting your day and see what works for you. 

Remember....Life is simply made of up of a series of moments. The sweeter we can make the moments of our life, the sweeter our life will be! 

Creating a lifestyle that feels good and authentic to who you want to be is something that I love working with my clients around. Having the accountability of a coach to create the changes that you want in your life can make a huge difference for people. If you are interested in the support of a coach, lets chat! I'd be happy to offer you a complimentary discovery session. 

Wishing you a beautiful day!