I'm going to lean on Brene Brown's work today because I want to talk about shame, and she has some brilliant things to say on 'shame'.

(if you are not familiar with Brene Brown, I highly recommend checking out her work!)

Shame is an extremely painful emotion that most people carry around with them from time to time in life. It's a dark & murky emotion that can leave us feeling disconnected, alone, and unworthy.

"Shame is the most powerful master emotion. it's the fear that we're not good enough."
~Brene Brown

Is there something that you are carrying shame around?
How long have you been carrying it with you?
How is it damaging you to carry around this feeling?

Here's the good news.....there's a great tool for clearing shame. When you shine some light on shame, it dissipates.

Here's how to shine some light on it:

"Shame cannot survive being spoken....and being met with empathy"
~ Brene Brown

The above quote is some of the best advice for clearing this painful emotion. Shame likes to hide in the dark, and when you allow yourself to speak it out & shine some light on it, it dissipates. What's important to remember here is to not share our shame story with just anyone. Having a safe space to share, where you will not be judged, and where what you have to say will be met with empathy is important.

I believe that most people have some shame that they are carrying. Some people more than others, yes, and some times more than others. There may be things that we have held onto for years or most of our life, and things that we hold shame around from the more recent past. Regardless, if you are human, you have felt it. The funny thing about this is that we would never guess what other people are carrying around with them....because we tend to keep ours so hidden, and so do they.

"What we don't need in the midst of struggle is shame for being human"
~Brene Brown

I have clients often sit down in my office, and speak out the things that they hold shame around, and I watch it dissipate. When shame comes up for me, I speak it out in my trusted spaces, and it dissipates. When the shame around a struggle dissipates, you are then able to approach whatever you are struggling within a clear way and focus your energy instead on solutions & healing, and let go of the pain that shame causes. It's really that simple. Is it easy? Nope. Simple? Yes.

My question to you today is this: Is there something in life that you are struggling with & feel shame around? Do you have a safe space to speak it out where you know it will be received with non-judgment & empathy? Are you willing to be vulnerable enough to speak that out & give yourself the gift of relief from the pain that it's been causing you?
If so....commit an act of true self-love, and allow yourself that relief. You deserve to feel good about being human.

Be easy on yourself as you would anyone else in your life that you love!

Wishing you a week filled with ease,