Every week I share something that I hope to be helpful to you on your journey, and also usually something that is relevant to what's been on my mind! This past month for me has been stressful. Extra stressful. A friend of mine was in a serious accident, and has been working to make an amazing recovery after nearly losing her life. Stress has been quite present.

I've been pondering all of this, and thinking about the growth that has been happening through this stressful time, and also the strength & resilience that shows up in times like this. I found a TED talk on stress this week that was like music to my ears, so I wanted to share with you! 

If you have never seen this one before I encourage you to take a little time to watch this. It's absolutely fascinating to me, and has given me an amazing perspective on stress that I haven't ever taken on before. 

Click here to watch:
How To Make Stress Your Friend

I always encourage eliminating stressors in your life that aren't necessary. Things like letting go of worrying over circumstances in life that you can't control, or relationships that are not healthy for you are always a good idea. That being said, we all know that things come up in life that are just plain stressful and there is not much we can do to eliminate them. What we CAN do is change our mind about stress, and therefore change our bodies response to stress. 

It turns out that our bodies have a built in mechanism for stress resilience, and that mechanism is human connection. Reaching out to others and helping others in times of stress actually allows our bodies to react in a resilient way rather than in a damaging way. 

We can change our perspective about stress. We can reach out to others in times of stress. In return, our bodies can be resilient to the stress and and we can charge through what life hands us as healthy as ever! Isn't that great news?!?! 

Wishing you wellness!