This past weekend I ran away :) 

Well, maybe it's not really running away when you tell your people that you are leaving & where you are going, but It's what I've been feeling like I needed to do, so I planned it, and I nailed that plan. 

With a lot going on in life lately, I haven't had enough down time, or 'me' time. I'm pretty in tune with how I start feeling when I haven't made the time for this, and it doesn't feel good. So, while there was plenty of things I could have tried to catch up on and projects I could have gotten done this past weekend, I took off as soon as I could on Friday and I drove myself to the beach for the weekend. Just me, a memory foam bed in the back of my vehicle, a cooler of food, a bottle of wine, some books, a journal, and a beach blanket. 

This is where the inspiration came from to write to you today about slowing down time, because let me tell you that I had the longest Saturday ever!

When I get busy and have stressful things going on in life, this is when I have a tendency to be living anywhere but the moment. I'm guessing that you can relate. From rehashing things in my mind that have happened and that I can not change, to thinking about what I need to do next so that I can fit everything perfectly into my day, getting everything done that I think I need to get done. 
So this weekend my intention was to decompress, recharge, and to bring myself back into the present moment....and this I did. 

I pulled in to a camp sight overlooking the beach, backing my vehicle in so that when I popped the back hatch,  all I could see was ocean. I had rushed out of town, made phone calls that I needed to the whole drive there, and as I was settling in, I found myself planning in my mind what I would do for the evening....take a walk for a couple of hours, warm up some dinner, break out the book I brought with, do some writing....I realized I was filling my evening schedule in my the beach....where there was NOTHING that I HAD to do. I remembered why I was there. to BE there, and be present with myself for the weekend. So that Is what I did.

Friday evening until Sunday afternoon from moment to moment I did whatever I felt like doing. I caught myself having thoughts of things I 'should' do at moments, and always checked in with myself on what I really wanted or needed to do, right then, in that moment. I walked on the beach & when I felt like stopping I stopped and sat in the sun with the cool breeze. When I felt like reading, I read. When I felt like writing, I wrote. When I felt hungry, I ate. When I felt sleepy, I napped. I stared at the ocean quietly....endlessly. I spoke all of 3 sentences to other people I saw on the beach all day on Saturday, and remained inward, fully, completely, entirely present with myself. My own version of a meditation retreat I suppose. 

And let me tell you something.....Saturday felt like one of the longest days of my life!

On Saturday I woke early, I opened the back of my vehicle to let the fresh cool air, sound, & view of the waves in, and I snuggled up and fell back asleep for a good while until late morning. I lounged staring at the waves in meditation for what seemed like a long time. I made tea, I read, I did yoga, I made a late breakfast, I read some more, I napped, I took a long walk down the beach, threw  a blanket down, wrote, and stared at the waves for what seemed like an eternity. I decided to turn my phone on as I wanted to take a few pictures with it, and I was shocked when I saw that the time wasn't even 2pm yet! 

So many days go by that I can't believe it's 2pm already....where did the day go? what have I been doing all day? Sound familiar? Yet, this day....completely present in the moment with myself was lasting an eternity. 

I continued into Sunday afternoon doing whatever I felt like doing in every moment. It grounded me to be present with myself, present in my body, present to what my needs and wants are, and fully present in the moment with where I am, what I'm doing, and how I'm feeling......and I slowed down time. 

No matter how much mindfulness we practice in our lives, there are times that we end up off kilter. Remember that everything is habit. When you work to create a habit like mindfulness and being present in the moment, there maybe times that you find yourself off kilter, and when you do,  It can be an easy reset. 

Would you like to slow down time a bit and feel like you have more time in a day? Practice being present in each moment, in everything you do. If we are present to ourselves and the tasks we are doing, everything is more enjoyable and there seems to be a lot more time available to us. From mundane things like doing the dishes, taking a shower, Commuting to work, and cleaning to intimate moments of having dinner with loved ones, or journaling.....practicing being present in all that you do can really create far more time and can make that time far more enjoyable.

Wishing you a beautiful week!