Can you believe that 2017 is almost over? I don't know about you, but this year seemed to fly by for me. I guess that means I'm having fun, right? ;) 

As the new year approaches, I know we are all thinking about a fresh start for 2018 and what we want that to look like. It's natural for us to want to set new goals, make changes, resolutions, or  intentions for the new year. How often do we follow through? How often did we really feel solid in those intentions in years past? Enough to energize us into really taking them on? If you are like most....the follow through maybe lacking a bit. 

I want to take the opportunity today to offer you something really special. Something that will support you in gaining clarity & focus so that you can truly make 2018 a year to thrive in the ways that your heart desires!

I have a new special offering starting today to support you in just that! This offering is good just through the end of 2017, so take a minute to check this out, and don't hesitate to get in touch with me!

90 Minute Life Focus Sessions!

Here is what your 90 Minute Life Focus Session will look like: 

  • I'll walk you through a powerful exercise where you will take a look at all the areas that make up your life. 
  • You'll have the opportunity to really gauge where you are at with all of these areas, dream about what each area looks like ideally for you, and discuss what kind of changes you can make to thrive in each area. 
  • You'll get a clear picture of where it makes the most sense to place your precious time & energy into creating change!
  • You'll gain awareness around where you are really thriving in life, what areas maybe somewhat neglected, and how they affect each other. (everything is connected!)
  • You'll gain deep clarity on what's most important for you to focus on as we enter another new year to create a life that feels balanced, happy, and like the life you really want to be living!
  • You'll leave the session with specific intentions/goals/action steps to move into 2018 with that are sure to create big positive change for you.
  • You'll leave feeling good about your path, laser focused, and excited about the year to come!

How about a discount on the 90 minute session? 

As a thank you to my private clients, both current and past, I'm offering this session at a discount. You are welcome to book this session at $40 off the special holiday price. There's a saparate link just for you on the webpage link above & below. If you are working with me currently as a private client, or have at any time, take advantage of this offering. You know that this will be a great gift to yourself moving into a new year :) 

How would you like to receive your 90 Minute focus session for FREE? 

If you REALLY want to have some support in making 2018 a year for you to thrive in life, and are interested in doing some private coaching with me, I have a special offer for you! Anyone that signs up for either a 3 or 6 month private coaching program with me (starting in December or January) before the end of the year, gets this session for free as a bonus! Starting off private coaching with this session will be a big head start for you! It's a great time to say 'YES' to yourself!

Take a minute to click on the link above or below to read about this special offering, and if you are feeling curious or called to exploring this, get in touch with me and I'm happy to answer any questions for you or get your session on the schedule! 

Wishing you a beautiful, healthful, and happy holiday season!


Interested? Click this link: 

90 Minute Life Focus Session