"If Struggling Were The Way To Get There, We'd All Be There By Now"

The quote above is from a book I read last year called 'The Trance of Scarcity'  by Victoria Castle. 

This book was hugely impactful for me, and this quote, well....this quote is a powerful one. 

What came to mind for you personally when you read the quote above?
What area of your life have you been struggling in trying to get somewhere and it feels like instead, you are just treading water? .....and you are tired. 

Most of us grew up with the message that you had to work hard and struggle to make it in this world. 

"if there is no struggle, there is no progress"
"Life wasn't meant to be easy" 
"Relationships are hard" 
"No pain, no gain" 
"Nothing in life is free" 

Any of the above sound familiar? 

Is there something that you have struggled with for years?
A part of your life that you always feel like you are straining in?
Has the struggle and the straining helped?
Has working your fingers to the bone in this area gotten you to where you want to be? 

If it hasn't, perhaps it's time to try approaching things differently? 

Where can you soften? 
Where can you loosen your grip?
Where can you LET GO of the struggle and simply allow some ease? 

What does it look like to let go of the struggle and allow ease?
Can you even imagine what that looks & feels like? 

Do you believe that it's possible to get to where you want to be without a struggle?
Is it possible that the journey that feels like a struggle could actually even feel fun & expanding in some way?

I'm not saying here that life should feel like easy street all of the time. We are human, and some things we struggle through. What I am saying is that so many of us are used to being in a state of struggle and have been told our whole lives the lie of 'no pain, no gain' and we have been convinced that things need to feel hard. We've been convinced that struggling through life somehow makes us more worthy and that it's the path to righteousness. The struggle is the way to the things that we want. We NEED to struggle through it. 

I know this because this is much of what I've learned in my life too. I struggle with the struggle myself!  
AND.....I have learned that the struggle is very often not necessary. It's very often something that we unconsciously choose because it's what we are used to. I've learned that often times when I let go of my grip, let go of the struggle, that what I need or want is able to flow into my life with ease. 

What a beautiful thing to experience! 

What if instead of focusing on struggling, we focused on having fun while doing the things we do? 
What if instead, we focused on taking care of ourselves and what's most important to US first? 
What if instead, we focused on allowing things to unfold rather than trying to control everything? 
What if instead, we spent our energy on envisioning what we want in life arriving to us with ease?

No, life is not always easy. There is sometimes a struggle. There is sometimes pain. Sometimes growth hurts a bit. This is all true, BUT - there are many places in our life where we are choosing to struggle when we don't need to. Places, where we can let go of control.
Place where we can stop working so hard and catch our breath. 
Places, where we can let go of the struggle that we have been choosing, and choose a different perspective. 
Places in life where we can choose to allow more ease in. 

My challenge to you this week is this.....

Ask yourself where in your life you are tired of feeling the struggle?
How can you loosen your grip on the struggle? 
How can you let go a bit, and allow some ease? 
How can you adopt a more gentle perspective? 
How can you envision what you want coming to you with ease rather than through struggle? 
What does that look like? What does it feel like?

Journal on this. Act on this. Envision what you want flowing in for you. 

Wishing you the most beautiful week full of ease!