Do you want to improve your health? Your energy?
How healthy do you eat?

I've said it many times before, and I'll say it again. We are what we eat. If we are not fueling our bodies well, we can't expect to feel well, or our bodies to perform well. 

I talk to a lot of people that know they need to eat healthier, but they simply don't know how. Society has trained us very well to live on convenience foods. If you have never cooked/prepared healthy meals with whole foods, you simply don't know how, and it's something that you need to learn. I get it. THAT can feel overwhelming. Besides the overwhelming amount of information out there now on what we should eat, what's healthy, what's not, and all of the latest diet fads that continually confuse people. 

I'm a big believer in author Micheal Pollan's advice: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."
It really is this simple. In order to eat healthy food, and mostly plants, you need to know how to prepare food outside of convenience foods, because most convenience foods are a far cry from plant based. 

There's a common misbelief that cooking from scratch is complicated and time consuming. It doesn't need to be, and it gets a lot easier the more you learn. 

I talk to a lot of people that did not grow up knowing how to cook healthy meals out of whole food ingredients, and learning to do otherwise feels so out of reach, so different than what they are used to. Where do you start? How do you make this shift? 

I want to share a different perspective with you today, as well as 1 easy tip, that if you follow could change how you eat, and in turn improve your health for the long run! 

What's my tip? 
Choose 1 New Healthy Recipe Every Week To Prepare. 

Simple right? We really don't need to make things as complicated as we do. Going 'all in' on a new diet or eating trend, or shifting how you eat all at once can feel overwhelming, and usually ends up being something that you don't actually stick to, right? 

If you dedicate yourself to exploring how to prepare just one new recipe a week (this is not a big commitment) and actually stick to that, how you cook and how you eat will gradually change, and the change is much more likely to stick since you are making it gradually. 

Think about anything else in life that you might want to learn. If you are learning a new language, you learn a few words at a time, and how to compose them into a sentence. if you want to learn to play an instrument, you take short lessons, and you practice until the sounds you are getting out of the instrument are something that is pleasing to the ears. You don't expect to be able to pick up an instrument and know how to play it right away, so cut yourself some slack in the area of preparing healthy foods! You need to practice. You need to figure out what combinations of foods go well together, what you like, and how you like it prepared.

Like learning anything else in life, you learn from practicing and from making mistakes. We can actually learn the most from our mistakes. 

The advice I'm sharing with you today is directly from my own experience. I grew up eating a lot of convenience foods. As I learned more about how what I eat affects everything about how I feel, I knew that I needed to learn to eat better. If I wanted to eat better, I needed to learn to prepare my own food from whole ingredients. It felt a bit overwhelming. Where do I start? I did exactly what I am suggesting you do. Every week, I picked a new recipe that I thought sounded good, and that was relatively easy to prepare. As I got into it more, I would try more than one recipe a week. Before I knew it, I had a plethora of dishes that I knew how to make, from scratch, with healthy whole food ingredients. Not only did I have these recipes under my belt, but I gained a sense of confidence in the kitchen. I knew what I liked, and how to prepare it. Through my mistakes, I learned what I didn't like, and how not to prepare things. I still try out new recipes, but now, more often than not, I walk into my kitchen and create whatever I feel like from scratch, from what I have in the kitchen, from my own experience, and let me tell you that comes in handy!

If you dedicated yourself to trying just one new recipe a week, by the end of a year, you would have 52 healthy dishes that you knew how to make, and you will have learned a lot in the process. 

Maybe you ARE eating pretty well but you would like to take things up a notch? This is still great advice for you. I'm still learning too, and I love it. Just a few years ago I started making all of my own salad dressings from scratch. This is something that always felt easier to purchase at the store. Now that I make my own, and I know how easy it is, and how much tastier they are, (also much cheaper to make on my own!) You won't find me spending the extra money on store bought versions with extra questionable ingredients in. Why would I? 

When you are preparing your own food, you know exactly what's in it, and that is key. You don't always know what ingredients are in convenience foods. I also need to make the point that food you make for yourself & your friends or family is infused with love, and THAT makes a huge difference too. 

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