What are you holding onto far too tightly? So tightly that it is causing you stress, anxiety, or an inability to be in the present moment? 

Something you are hoping will happen, or you are trying to make happen? 
Something that you wanted to happen, but didn't?
An unrealistic list of things that you feel like you need to do? 
A grudge against someone? A grudge against yourself for messing something up? 
A relationship that didn't work out? 
Expectations of people that they will likely never fill?
Expectations of yourself that are too much?

This list could go on forever. There are lots of things that we tend to hold onto far too tightly. Things that we attach ourselves to. Things that we can't control. 

That last sentence is really what this is about.....things that we can't control. 
Why do we hold onto things so very tightly that we really don't have control over?
Why do we stress over them?
Obsess over them?
And allow them to keep us in the past, in the future, or anywhere else other than the one place we have.....the present moment. 

Yes, I believe we should go for what we want. 
Yes, I believe that action is important. 
And I believe that sometimes we need to just let go of trying so hard, and allow the flow of life to happen.
In the end, trying to force things can be counter productive..

What I write is always inspired by what is going on for me in life, or it's inspired by the clients that I work with and other people close to me. Sometimes both. Today is no different. Letting go and allowing has been a topic in several conversations I've had recently, and the other day I had a crystal clear moment of reminding myself to let go. As soon as I did, what I needed came right to me....with ease. 

It was a reminder for me.
A reminder that when I hold on too tightly, I'm not allowing the flow.
The flow is something that I always want to allow into my life.
As soon as I let go of what I was working so hard on, trying to make happen, stressing about, holding onto.....exactly what I needed flowed right in. 
I don't always need to try so hard. 
I don't need to hold on so tight. 
I don't need to stress myself out over things that I can not control, and allow them to steal the very precious present moment from me.

So, what comes to mind for you as you read this? Is there something that you are holding onto far too tightly? Something that you are trying too hard, or trying to force in life? Something that you really can't control, but it's stressing you out? 

Let go. Allow. Trust that you have done what you can, and trust that what is meant to happen will. 

It's so much easier than stressfully holding on too tightly. 

Wishing you a week filled with ease,