Did you know that when a caterpillar nestles into the chrysalis it turns into GOO before transforming into a butterfly? Yes - GOO! The caterpillar actually digests itself, and there seems to be no form at all until the butterfly begins to take shape....but within that goo, held in the cells, is all the knowledge needed to create the intricate beauty that is the butterfly. 

Why am I writing about goo? Because I want to remind you that no matter where you are in life, no matter how messy life transitions can sometimes feel, no matter how big of a pile of goo you or your life can feel like at times, even if you feel like you have no form or direction, I can promise you that your inner knowing KNOWS exactly how to transform you into the next phase. Everything you need and everything you need to know to transform is within you. I promise.

Going through transitions in life can feel hard, regardless of what the transition is. Relationships end, careers end, kids move away, health issues come up, we lose people that we love.....and sometimes your metamorphosis doesn't have anything to do with an abrupt life change, but that you just reach a point of NEEDING to transform. How you are living is no longer working for you, and it brings you to diving deep within to re-create. 

Regardless of what creates a call for metamorphosis, know that it's not always easy, it's sometimes really messy, and it can be hard to navigate. Also, know that you've got this. You really do have everything you need to transform to the next phase of life with wings! 

Have faith in yourself. Know that the phase where you feel like an unorganized pile of goo will not last. Know that if you tap into your inner knowing, the next phase for you will form beautifully, with a little patience. 

Wishing you a beautiful rest of your week,