Did you set some strong intentions for 2019?
Some goals? Aspirations?
A word of the year? A theme? 

I thought I would share with you a main focus of mine this year. We can learn a lot from each other.  I hope that by explaining my focus of the year for you here, that you will garner some nuggets of wisdom that will help you too! 

I usually love going out and celebrating on New Year's Eve, and this year, for a few reasons, I felt drawn to staying in that evening and doing the work of really setting my intentions for the new year. I had been brainstorming them for a while, and that evening I spent time writing them all down and plugging the appropriate actions into my planner. It felt really good. Somehow a bit more magical doing these, finishing up, and meditating around them as the clock brought us into 2019. 

I gave up on 'resolutions' years ago, but every year I DO set intentions, some goals, & focuses for the year, and every year I pick either a word or a phrase for the year. This year, I wanted the focus to be around building a healthier relationship with time. So, the phrase I chose for 2019 is "Making Time My Friend".

Why did I choose this? Well, I'm naturally kind of a busy-body. I have tendencies around making myself too busy & feeling too busy which makes it hard to really be in the moment, as well as hard to feel like I have enough time for the many things I enjoy and am not fitting into my days. Days & weeks seem to fly by sometimes.

I want to be able to slow down time a bit. 
I want to be able to be more present, rather than concerned about the next 5 things I'm doing. 
I want to be able to remain busy and active with the things I love in my life, while not feeling overwhelmed about them - truly enjoying them, and feeling like I have all the time in the world for them.
I want to feel good about the balance of how I spend my time at work, socially, alone, with hobbies, rest, etc. 

I'm ready to shift the scarcity mindset that I often indulge in around time to a full-time abundance mindset! 

So...this year, I am focusing on creating a healthier relationship with time. 

HOW? (Here's the juicy part that I'm guessing you can get some great benefit from!)

  • Here's the big one: Changing the language I use around time. Switching any scarcity language I am using to a language of abundance. How we talk about things, deeply affects how we feel about things. I'll stop myself from talking about being too busy. Rather than saying I don't have time for something, I'll say it's just not a priority right now. That's real. When people ask how I am, I will refrain from responding with "busy!". If I adopt more abundant time language, it will affect how I feel about my time. 

  • I will work to be more mindful and present in moments of my days, rather than rushing through some tasks and days. I'll work on this by deepening my meditation practice and setting the intention to do so daily. 

  • I will keep variety in the days of my life! Little things like taking a different route to the office, or stopping at a store I've been wanting to check out on the way home will help the days feel more memorable, and having more memorable days feels like I DO have more time to do the things that I enjoy in life. 

  • I will focus on getting the things done that are most important to me early in the day, ensuring that my priorities are taken care of so that I don't feel like I'm running out of time at the end of the day, and I'll feel more accomplished. 

  • I am making adjustments to my schedule to better suit my needs. 

  • I am planning appointments & sessions in a way caters to an efficient schedule for me, rather than automatically catering to what works better for others. 

  • I'm getting more organized with lists, and errands so that I'll do less running around. 

  • I'll leave more 'free time' in my schedule that is a specific time for me to do whatever I feel like doing.....leading to feeling more time freedom. 

  • I will let go of perfectionism when I'm leaning in that direction and allow myself to finish things in a timely manner, rather than spending too much time on wanting them to be perfect. 

  • I'll work in more focused blocks of time, eliminating distractions. This will lead to more things done in a shorter period of time, which will lead to more free time to do as I choose. 

  • I will start blocking out more time on my calendar for the things I feel like I haven't had time for. This is a way to make them a priority and reserve the time for them. (Ie: I just planned a short trip in March)

  • Whenever I find myself in a scarcity mindset around time, I'll use my mantra "time is my friend" and I'll take some time to meditate because taking time to meditate increases the amount of time I feel I have....every time. 

Any nuggets of wisdom in there for you? I sure hope so. This is something that I have been working on for a while, and I felt like it deserved a strong focus this year!

What are YOUR new year intentions? I'd love to hear from you!