Do you struggle with finding the time for self care? If so, I have some solid advice for you this week!

Life is busy, I get it! I think we are programmed to put acts of self care on the back burner when there is a lot on the 'to-do list', but does this really make sense? The importance of  self care is immense, yet many of us often have the feeling that prioritizing self care over other things is selfish. 

I want to tell you's NOT selfish. It's self preservation! 

When we are taking time for self care, everyone and everything benefits. it's good for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. It makes us better friends, lovers, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, co-workers, and community members. It improves the quality of our life in a way that other things can not. It keeps us feeling good, energetic, & clear so that we can focus on & be efficient in all the other busyness of life. It helps to keep a smile on our face & enjoying life.....because if we are not doing that, then what the hell are we doing, right?

We all have different versions of self care. Do you know what yours is? What are the things that totally recharge you? Give you energy?  What are the things that you feel so much better when you take time for? What are the things that you are doing when you lose track of time? 
Self care can be a lot of things... a nap, massage, getting enough sleep, time for art, coaching or therapy sessions, days with friends, days alone, reading, exercise, meditation, etc. This can be really different for everyone. 

Some of my personal favorite & regular acts of self care are long baths, days at the spa, walks in the woods, meditation, alone time, home time, travel time, time with friends, dancing, yoga, coaching sessions, journaling, healthy food, creative time, and being on, in, or around water of any kind :) A balance of these things keeps me feeling great. When I'm feeling off-kilter in life it's usually because I'm not getting enough of these things. do you make the time for these in your life when it feels like a struggle?

The answer is simple:

Prioritize It And Schedule It!

Self care IS self preservation, so it deserves to be prioritized. How do you make other things happen in life that are a priority? You schedule them right? If you have an event that you need to go to, you block that time out on your calendar so you are sure to make it. I'm suggesting that you do the same thing with your self care time. Use your calendar and schedule it in, just like anything else that's a priority in your life!

What could this look like?

3 standing days a week you have time blocked out for a walk at the park, just like you would schedule a meeting, you have a meeting with the trees. 

2 times a week you have an hour time slot for a long bath with a book. 

At the beginning of each month, you schedule a day at the spa, a couple of massage appointments, or other therapeutic treatments. 

At the beginning of each month, you plan a weekend away....or a weekend where nothing is allowed on the schedule so you have the option to stay home, or simply do whatever you feel like doing. 

1 standing day per month that is always your night out with the friends that you feel like you don't see enough. 

Schedule a half hour into every morning or evening for journaling, meditation, or both.

I could go on & on with examples, but you get the picture.

Following this advice can make a huge difference! It might take some getting used to. You may not follow through occasionally, but stick with it! Like anything else this is a habit. Stick with it for a bit, and it becomes more effortless. When it becomes more effortless and you are getting regular self care time in, everything and everyone in your life benefits, and you get to operate from a feeling of having a full cup! 

Wishing you an overflowing cup!