I've received a lot of good advice in my life, and today I want to share with you one of the best pieces of advice that I've ever been given. A piece of advice that I have actually implemented, and has made a huge difference for me. 

What was the advice? 
Take at least one sabbath day a week. 

By sabbath day, I mean a day of rest. Or more accurately, giving myself permission to do whatever it is I feel like doing for a day. With zero plans allowed to be made for the day, I simply do whatever my spirit feels called to do from moment to moment. 

The trick is to really OWN that day as mine.
To own it, is to let go of the feeling that I 'should' be doing anything else. 

I will admit that this does not happen weekly for me, but as often as I can, when I am not gone somewhere on the weekends, I practice giving myself this day, and it fills my cup in a way that nothing else really does. 

When giving myself a sabbath day, I'm not allowed to make any plans. I make no commitments to freinds, activities, or events....yes, even if it's relxaing fun things. Why? Because sometimes the introvert in me feels like having alone time. I don't have any to-do lists...even if it's something I've been looking forward to getting done & have been wanting to find the time. Why? Because I may not feel like doing that project that particular day. 

I literally do whatever I feel like doing from moment to moment. It allows me to really check in with myself.
What do I want right now? 
Do I want to be around friends? 
Do I feel like I could use some time alone? 
Am I feeling like creating something? 
Do I want to be inside? outside? 

Really.....when life is busy, how often do we get to make these decisions in the moment? We usually have somewhere we are 'supposed to be' or 'something that we are supposed to be doing', right? It's not often that most of us are allowed this free time to really listen to our spirit and follow it. 

Sometimes I'll end up spending the day alone if I feel like I need some solitude. Sometimes I'll reach out to friends to go out to brunch or a hike. Sometimes I'm lazy, and sometimes I'm not. Sometimes I actually end up getting projects done that have been on the list forever, because it's actually what I feel like doing that day, and I end up thoroughly enjoying them because the moment is right. 

Life is busy for most of us. Practicing taking at least 2-3 of these days a month makes an enormous difference for me. As I said above, it really fills my cup in a way that nothing else does. 

Is life far too busy for you? Could you benefit from taking this advice as well? If this idea appeals to you, I highly recommend you give it a chance. You deserve to have time to do whatever you feel like doing. We all do. 

Wishing you a beautiful week!