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Eating Healthy On The Go!


Eating Healthy On The Go!


You know how to eat healthy, and it's pretty easy at home, but how on earth to you navigate away from the junk and convenience foods when you are on the go and traveling? The struggle is real! Summertime lends itself to lots of being on the go. From road trips & weekends away to day trips and picnics. Whatever you are getting into in the summer, for many of us it means a lot more running around.

It's a lot easier to keep on track with healthy eating when we are at home in the kitchen preparing our meals & snacks, and it's really easy to falter in healthy eating and lean towards grabbing convenience foods that are less healthy when we are busy, on the go, and on the road. Agreed?

I love road trips and have spent a lot of time on the road, traveling, and otherwise seem to keep an active schedule of busy & running around somehow, especially in summer. Over the years I've found great, easy foods for traveling with, because let's face it...If we are left with the option of grabbing food to go when we are traveling or even just running around town for a day, we are a lot less likely to make choices that treat our body well. Eating healthy, especially when traveling is so important. Besides the obvious reasons, it keeps us feeling good when we are out having fun... to keep the fun part at optimum levels!

I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite go-to foods if I'm on the go for the day, or on the road for a bit. I almost always prep ahead of time, and am sure to have what I need with me, whether it's snacks or a quick meal, or a basket of food and a small cooler for longer road trips. A little preparation sets me up for success, and leaves me feeling good.


My favorite on the go foods:

  1. Nuts & seeds: They are high in protein and good fats, and can keep you nourished and feeling really satisfied as a snack between meals. I almost always have some in my bag for those moments that I need on the daily, as well as when I'm traveling.
  2. Nut butters and fruit, veggies, & rice cakes: Peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, or sunflower seed butter are all great. Apples, bananas, or celery are delicious with any of them. A rice cake with some nut butter, and apple or banana is a hugely satisfying snack or small meal. Just dip your celery in your nut butter for an easy on the go & satisfying snack.
  3. Hummus and veggies: Hummus is packed with protein & good fats, and is delicious with really any vegetable you like, which makes for a very satisfying snack or meal. Some carrots, red bell peppers, broccoli, and jicama cut up and ready to munch with some hummus, and I'm very happy.
  4. Power shake made by PURIUM: I've fallen in love with this company and their products this year. Their green power shake is packed with green goodness, quite filling, and absolutely delicious. It's rare that I leave the house for a day with out my shaker bottle and some power shake powder to have an instant green juice. I CRAVE this daily, and is often my mini-meal when I'm on the go. (If you are interested in PURIUM products, drop me a line! I'd love to share more, and give you a gift certificate to try them out!)
  5. Fruit: Simple, right? Bringing fruit with you on the road is great. It always makes great snacks, provides great fiber which is important when you are traveling to keep regular, and it satisfies those sweet cravings when they arise!
  6. Kale Chips: I've been making a lot of kale chips recently as my garden has been providing a bounty. A basic recipe is easy to make, and they help me get my greens in while satisfying a salty, crunchy, snacky craving. If you have't made them before, I really recommend it. They are easy & delicious!
  7. Salsa, beans, avocado, and tortilla chips: When I'm truly road tripping or camping, this is a regular go to because it's so satisfying and unless I buy fresh salsa that needs to be refrigerated, I don't even need to use the cooler, except for any leftovers. I mix the salsa, can of black or pinto beans (drained), and cut up avocado in chunks all together, and I have a dip for the chips that is super tasty, full of protein, good fats, and very filling. I sometimes pick up some salad greens and toss the dip in, and crunch a few tortilla chips on top for an amazing taco salad. I also sometimes just eat the beans, avocado, & salsa with a spoon :)
  8. Hard boiled eggs. If you eat eggs, they are a tasty & satisfying dose of protein on the go. If I have a cooler with me, there's usually some in there.
  9. Smoothies are great when you are heading out for the day and have a small cooler with. When I add a lot of goodness to a smoothie and include protein, it's a small meal that keeps me satisfied for a long time.
  10. Homemade energy bars There are so many great, simple recipes out there. When you make them yourself, you know what's in them and can control the amount of sugars, as many store bought ones, are loaded, and they are easy to throw in your bag & go.
  11. Wraps & sandwiches: If you are hitting the road for a day or two, packing up a few wraps or sandwiches is always a great way to go.
  12. Quinoa salad: If you have a small cooler with, quinoa salad is a great to-go salad. Really you can do anything you want here mixing your favorite dressing with your favorite veggies. Just chop some veggies, cook some quinoa, and toss it all with a little dressing of your choice. You could also add some beans for an extra hearty meal. This is the kind of salad that will stay tasting fresh for while.
  13. Cottage cheese & yogurt. If you have a cooler & eat dairy, having a container of cottage cheese or yogurt is a great addition to the road food. Add some fruit, and you are really in business.


I feel like I could go on with these Ideas, but what I have listed is many of my usuals. I'd love to hear what kind of foods you like to take on the go with you! Feel free to share in the comments!

Wishing you Wellness!