Honoring the seasons as they arrive is a wonderful way to keep life in balance. There's a lot we can learn and ways that we can grow personally, simply by attuning ourselves to the rhythms of nature. 

Would you like to honor the arrival of autumn? Read on.......

The autumn equinox happened this past week.
Fall is officially here.
The daylight hours and dark night hours are in perfect balance.
How balanced is life feeling for you?

Autumn is harvest season. A time of abundance.
It's a time to reap the rewards of the summer season.
It's a time of preservation & preparation for winter. 
It's a time for nesting back into our homes, and finding comfort in sweaters & hot tea.

Embracing the abundance of the harvest season, enjoying the amazing produce of the season, making soups, and sipping tea comes easily to me. I love fall. I embrace it with ease.

What doesn't always come with ease is letting go, as the trees so easily do with their leaves..
Letting go of the things that don't serve us. 
Letting go of the things that keep us feeling unbalanced. 
Letting go of judgements, and grudges. 
Letting go of 'stuff' to declutter our lives. 
Letting go of expectations. 
Letting go of habits that hinder our growth & happiness. 

We can take a cue from the trees right now. 
They do not struggle or question letting go of their leaves. 
They let go with ease. 
They have the wisdom to know that it's time to let go, and begin to venture inward for the season.
They know that after the upcoming darker nights, spring will eventually emerge and new growth will happen. 
And they know that new growth doesn't happen unless they let go in the fall. 

I think that journaling is a wonderful avenue for self exploration & personal growth. If you would like to embrace & honor autumn arriving, I'd like to share some questions for you to journal on, or maybe discuss with a close friend or partner. 

  • Where does my life feel out of balance right now? And what steps can I take to create more balance there? 

  • What can I let go of this fall that is not serving me? How can I 'do' that letting go?

  • What judgement am I holding towards myself or someone else that I can let go of?

  • What expectations can I let go of? 

  • What are habits can I let go of that are hindering my growth & happiness?

  • What steps can I take to declutter my life & my home to create a more calming, simplistic space? What is the 'stuff' that I can let go if? 

Wishing you a beautiful, joyous, & cozy autumn,