What is one of the best gifts that you can give someone?
A gift that shows you really care for them?
A gift that shows them that they are a priority in your life?
A gift that makes them feel special & supported?

The gift of time!

Let's face it, our world and our lives move at a pace that's faster than most of us would like. It seems like most people feel a struggle around time in ways, Feeling like there isn't enough time to get things done that we want to or need to. Not enough time to spend doing the things we love. Not as much quality time with loved ones as we would like.

Material gifts are thoughtful & kind, and often times provide something needed or fun to the recipient, but what if we focused on giving of ourselves in the way of our time? How much more meaningful could this be?

How can we give the gift of time? Here are some ideas.....

  • Offer to spend an afternoon working on a project with someone that they need to get done, and may feel overwhelmed about like yard work, painting, or cleaning the house! Offering to spend this time can be invaluable for someone, and it can be a whole lot more fun together!

  • Offer to take someone somewhere fun! Go to a movie or a play. Go on a hike. Whatever feels right for that person. This can be especially thoughtful when you & the person you are giving to haven't had much time to connect & really spend some quality time.

  • Offer childcare for a day or evening to someone that you know could use a break from their kiddos to do something good for themselves.

  • Offer time to help someone with a project that they are working on that might feel overwhelming without help.

  • ASK the people you care about what they need support with? "If I were to schedule a day (or even a few hours) with you to help with whatever you would like, what would feel best for you?"

  • Offer to spend some dedicated time to just listen and be there for someone that is going through something hard in life. Simply offer an hour or two for to be there for someone to talk out what they are going through, without injecting your own life's issues into the conversation. Time like this can be invaluable for people when they are struggling with something.

  • Here's a fun one: Make coupons for loved ones that allow them to schedule time in with you for things that they want to do with you, or that they could use help with! This is a great idea for birthdays & other holidays. You could make coupons for things like a movie date, making dinner together, or helping to clean their house!

Since you are likely a busy person too, these gifts feel so much more meaningful, and they strengthen relationships much more than buying someone a material thing, as well as make those you care about feel supported and like they are a priority in your life!

One more thing...Think outside of the box when it comes to giving gifts and give at times that are not birthdays or special occasions. Give when you are just thinking of someone and want to show them that you care. Give when you know someone you care about could use some extra love. Give when you feel like you have some extra to give, just for the sake of giving.

Wishing you a beautiful week!