Happy Valentines Day! 

Since it's the national day of love, I'd like to talk about self love today.

 Self love is truly the cornerstone to a full & happy life! 

This is something that I've come to realize deeply in my own journey as well as in working with my coaching clients. No matter what you are wanting, craving, desiring in life.....no matter what kind of changes you want to make in your health, wellness, career, social life, etc....we must feel worthy of the goodness!

It's important to built the cornerstone of self love. Why? Because it's necessary that we feel worthy of what we want to create & achieve. When we start with loving ourselves, creating any kind of positive transformation in our life becomes so much easier because we KNOW that we are worth the effort. We KNOW that we are worthy. This makes the effort we put forth in creating positive transformation feel like a gift to ourselves, and one that we know we are deserving of. 

Not to mention, the moments that make up life just feel SO much better when we are loving with ourselves rather than hard on ourselves! 

So, how do you work on increasing your sense of self love? I'd like to share with you my top 4 tips that can make a great impact for you: 

  1. Be mindful of how you talk to yourself. Does your self talk sound loving? or does it sound harsh? Whenever you find your self talk to sound hard on yourself, in that moment, switch it to something that sounds more self-loving. How would you talk to someone you love and care for in that circumstance? Everything is habit. When you work on creating this habit of loving self talk, you are working to change how you feel about yourself from the inside out. It's more effective than anything I know of in this area. 
  2. In any given circumstance, or when making any kind of decision, ask yourself the question: "What would someone who loves them selves do?" and follow that answer. I'm talking about everything here! From what you eat, to standing up for yourself & being brave, to setting boundaries, and saying no to people's invites when you really just need some self care time. 
  3. Work with the mantra : "I am doing this because I love myself." Whenever you are choosing to do something that is an act of self love, repeat that mantra to yourself. From choosing to workout or eat healthy foods to setting boundaries, and being brave in circumstances when you might usually play small instead. 
  4. Mirror Work! Doing mirror work can feel awkward at first, but I guarantee you that it's powerful beyond measure if you make a practice of it. Every morning when you start your day, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you love yourself....multiple times. compliment yourself on physical and non physical characteristics. Eventually this really sinks into your bones and can shift the way that you feel about yourself in big ways!

Self love is something that I work with many of my private clients around. It really ends up being the cornerstone to much of the work that they want to transform in life. If you are ready to create some real & lasting change in your life, I'd love to chat with you and support you if it's something you decide you'd like to work on! Remember, I can work with you wherever you are in the world! 

If you are a woman in the Olympia, WA area, I am hosting my favorite workshop on March 10th! A full Saturday workshop for women on self love. This day is powerful! I keep the size of the workshop intimate, so save your spot while there's still one available! Details are just below. 

Wishing you lots of love on Valentine's day!