I talk a lot about self love. I talk about it a lot because I truly believe that it is the cornerstone to all positive lasting change we create in life, and the basis of living a happy life. 

What do you think of when you think about self love? While I think things like down time, massages, bubble baths, journaling, time off, etc are all VERY important components, today I want to talk about the other side of self love. The actions that are not always that easily taken, the bold moves that scare us, the standing in our power kind of self love! 

Yes, self love has a lot to do with how we talk to ourselves (our inner dialog) as well as self care acts that keep our cup feeling full. Those bubble baths and lazy Sunday mornings are important, but it's not all about that. 

Sometimes the biggest acts of self love that we can perform for ourselves are uncomfortable. They are reaching. They are scary. They require strength & dedication. What am I talking about? 

I'm talking about standing up for yourself. 
I'm talking about saying no rather than people pleasing. 
I'm talking about pushing yourself to exercise even when you don't feel like it. 
I'm talking about giving up habits that don't serve you. 
I'm talking about creating new habits that do serve you. 
I'm talking about reaching for things that you want in life, even when they are scary. 
I'm talking about allowing yourself to be vulnerable to taking chances. 
I'm talking about taking the risk of failure to to try new things. 
I'm talking about facing your old stories that you created to protect yourself and letting them go because they no longer serve you. 
I'm talking about dealing with your finances. 
I'm talking about doing the things that you have been procrastinating.

I'm talking about doing the work that you need to do to create a life that you don't want to run away from in a bubble bath.

So, my question for you today is this: 

What is that thing in your life that for whatever reason you have been avoiding doing for yourself?
What is that thing you've been procrastinating because of fear, insercurity, lack of motivation, or whatever excuse you have given yourself? What is that thing that you just dont feel like doing, even though you know it's something that would benefit you greatly? 

Okay, I hear you....maybe you have a list of those things? 

Make your list. Pick the one that feels most important. Pick the one that you think about most often and have felt the most resistance to. Pick the one that will make the bigest difference for you in your life...... 

Pick that thing and TACKLE IT! 

Can you imagine how good it would feel to deal with it? 

Tackling ONE major thing that you have been avoiding to improve your life is loving yourself. Not only will you reap the benefits of whatever action you take, but it's also a great way to foster a feeling of self love with in, helping you to act in self loving ways in other areas of your life. Tackling one thing that you have been avoiding will help to build self trust and motivation to do more. 

What can you do for yourself this week in the way of self love?
Whatever it is, you are worth it. 

Sending you love, 


PS - Is your mind whirling with the many things that came up for you when you were reading the above? If so, I'd be happy to chat with you to support you in finding some clarity on what's most important for you. Navigating a starting point, and doing this kind of self work can be so much easier with a little support. Just drop me a line :)