Happy Wednesday! 

It's easy to neglect areas of self care and throw your normal healthy habits out the window when the holidays roll around. Focusing on staying healthy this time of year is important. Besides the hustle & bustle of everything going on in this season, there can be a lot of added stress, unhealthy food & drink, and little time left for self care. All of this can lead to feeling less than healthy, which can lead to less than enjoyable holidays when it's a time of year to have fun right?!?!

I want to share some simple, practical advice today to keep yourself feeling healthy, full of energy, and enjoying the season. 

Steps to stay healthy during the holidays: 

1. Keep the focus on fun, not food. As a culture we tend to focus on food at events, and over indulge in things that are less than healthy for us. I get it. It can be hard to make good choices and not over do it on the gravy and cookie platter. By keeping your focus on the fun and connecting with people during the holiday gatherings, you'll be less likely to over do it in the area of food indulgences. 

2. Moderation of rich foods & sweets. I'm not a purist by any means. I think for most of us it's a good idea to cut ourselves some slack at times and enjoy the foods we really love in moderation. The holidays tend to give us an excuse to over indulge which can leave us feeling less than ok. Moderate yourself by choosing to indulge in the sweets and treats of the season that are really your special favorites, and take the time to really be present & enjoy them rather than diving into the cookie platter mindlessly every time you walk by.

3. Stay active. Busier schedules can mean less time for regular exercise. Make being active a priority. Keeping your body moving will help you feel good, energized, & healthy. 

4. Meal prep/batch cook. I'm a big fan of batch cooking & meal prepping so that when days are busy, you have set yourself up for success. It's a lot easier to keep your body well nourished when you have prepared a bit ahead. You are less likely to be going for convenience foods like take-out pizza if you've got easy meals ready to go in the fridge or freezer. Take some time to set yourself up for success!

5. Make sleep a priority! Getting enough sleep is so essential to feeling good, energetic, and staying healthy. We tend to be more productive, clear headed, and have a stronger immune system when we are getting enough rest. Lack of sleep can lead to us feeling a higher level of stress and also feel hungrier than we need to be, as our body is looking for energy elsewhere, and this can add to the indulgences of holiday treats. 

6. Manage your stress level. Know when to say 'no'. Take some downtime. Take a bath. Take a walk. Don't over schedule yourself. Don't over extend yourself financially. Know what things help you to naturally destress and schedule time in for them, just like you are scheduling in extra holiday activities. 

7. Prevent illness. Keep your immune system in tip top shape. Keeping your immune system strong involves all of the above. Eating well, having fun, managing your stress level, and getting enough sleep. If can also involve extra supplements that support your immune system, and extra super foods in your diet to keep your body well nourished. Be conscious of sharing food & drinks at gatherings during a season when cold and flu germs tend to be floating around. Be vigilant about washing your hands. Bundle up and keep yourself warm. 

Wishing you a healthy, happy, and fun holiday season!