Let's reevaluate 'broken' today huh? Perspective can be everything.
Let's explore a different perspective than we usually take on things that feel 'broken' in life. 

I had session recently with a client where they referred to something in their life as 'broken'. 

When I heard these words, I Instantly saw the image above in my mind. The image above is the Japanese art of Kintsugi, and I think that it's an amazing metaphor to work with when it comes to things that feel broken in life. 

Kintsugi is a Japanese art form of repairing broken pottery with a lacquer made with gold, silver, or platinum. 

The philosophy of Kintsugi is beautiful. (yes this art form has it's own philosophy!). In Kintsugi, the breaks and the repair is honored as part of the history of the piece of pottery. Rather than decreasing the value of this object, (as we often do with anything broken) it's actually seen as much more valuable & beautiful, for there is not another piece of pottery in the world with these exact same breaks & repairs. The history & story of the piece is unique, and the mended cracks viewed as beautiful. 

Kintsugi teaches us the beauty of scars.

Kinsugi celebrates the damage, because through the damage, beauty happened in the fixing that wouldn't be there without the breaks. 

Kintsugi embraces the imperfect.

Kintsugi does not hide the breaks, but rather highlights them. The breaks add uniqueness, character, and precious metal making the vessel more prized, more valuable. 

When things feel broken in life, it's easy to feel despair. We can have a tendency to be hard on ourselves, angry at others, feel like a victim in life. 

The philosophy of this art form can teach us so much in this area. When a piece of pottery breaks, it maybe shocking. It may crash to the floor. For a period of time the broken pieces might not make much sense. It maybe confusing to put them back together. The vessel may not be functional for a period of time. It may not be able to serve in the way that it did before it was broken. And when the art of Kintsugi is introduced to the broken pottery, and the pieces are fuse back together with precious metal, the vessel is again functional in all of the ways it was before. It looks different. It's more beautiful. it's more unique. It's more valuable. It has a story. The cracks are not hidden, but they are treasured, for they tell a story. They add a history that has value. 

Apply the above to life. Maybe something feels broken right now. Maybe there is something that you are working on - fusing the cracks back together. None of us are immune to feeling broken in life in one way or another. Breaks in life happen to all of us. When it does, remember the image of the art of Kintsugi in your mind. Know that when you assemble the pieces back together, that your experience is not something to hide, but something to be treasured, and celebrated. Your life experiences are part of your story, part of your journey. They are part of who you are. We change through our brokenness. and when we apply self love to our healing, we always come out of it more beautiful, more wise, more precious in ways that we can't always imagine at the time of the breaking. 

Wishing for all of your cracks to be filled with gold, and your vessel to be strong, and beautiful.