The above picture I took this past week at Woodard Bay, a favorite little local hike that I take regularly. I arrived at the water just as the sun was beginning to burn the fog away. I sat in awe of this beauty for quite a while. 

THESE are the things that I want time for in life. I wanted the time to linger in the moment that day, and I was able to. When I focus on being efficient in the daily "to-do's" I have much more time for these moments. If you read my newsletter last week, you know that this year I am working on developing a healthier relationship with time.

Today I want to share a favorite tool that can work wonders when it comes to being more efficient at work and the daily tasks in life so that you can create more time freedom for yourself to do the things that really bring joy for you!

Have you heard of Parkinson's Law? Wikipedia defines Parkinson's Law as:
 "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion"

What this means is that we take as much time is allowed to finish tasks. If we begin something with no end time in mind, it can take a hell of a lot longer to complete than if we do give ourselves an allotted time to complete. 

How can this be helpful? Well, take this blog post for instance. I could have sat down at my computer and spent a lot of time writing this post, picking out & plugging in the picture, proofing it, and posting it.. I like to write, so if I allowed myself, this could have taken me all afternoon. However, If I give myself a set time to complete it start to finish, I can do it, no problem. 

Giving yourself a specific set amount of time to finish things, keeps you on track with finishing tasks in a certain amount of time, allowing you more of your day to do other things! Time freedom! 

When I was in my early 20's and living in Minneapolis with a great roommate, we had this routine when it came time to clean the house. At that point in my life, we were much more concerned about having time to throw parties and going to see all the live music we could, that the house would reach the point where we could no longer ignore the dishes, and the messes, and how gross the neglected bathroom was becoming. We would wake up on a Saturday, fuel with some breakfast & coffee, and then we would give ourselves a certain amount of time to clean the hour, 2 hours, 3 hours -  depending on how badly we let it get out of hand. We would crank some good fast music on the stereo, and start cleansing at opposite ends of the house working our way in. We would dance & clean furiously until the time was up. Was everything done perfectly in that time period? Nope. But it was done, it was fun doing it, and we now had the rest of our Saturday to do whatever we pleased. I had no idea how smart I was then! lol! 

There are so many things in life that we can apply this to, household tasks, work, errands, exercise, big projects & little projects. The more I use this tool, the easier it gets, the better I am at applying a correct amount of time, and the more time freedom I seem to have. 

This tool can also help people who tend to lean toward perfectionism. Do you want things perfect, or do you want them done? Trying to make things perfect can lead to spending way too much unnecessary time on projects that could instead be done so that you can get onto the things in life that are more important to you! 

Where in your life can you put this to use? How much more time freedom can you create for yourself by using utilizing this? 

 Let me know how it goes! 

Wishing you a beautiful rest of your week!