It's been a while, so I decided to pull a card for you today!

The above card is from my favorite Inquiry card deck. This is a beautiful deck of cards with personal inquiry questions meant to make you dive deep. These can be used as a great discussion tool, personal growth tool, meditation tool, a way to get un-stuck, and they can be great journaling prompts as well!

The card I pulled today asks of you:

"What Am I Committed To?

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you read that question? Sit with that a bit. See if there is something there to explore. You could meditate on it, write about it, or discuss over dinner tonight!

This is a question that can bring up some really standard answers right off the bat. Your mind might go to your kids, your marriage, or your career. For example, if your mind immediately went to " I'm committed to my child" and you are already feeling that commitment & fully acting on it, I'm going to ask you to dig deeper! It's when we dig deeper that get to the places where growth is needed. Where can you work to improve?

What does digging deeper look like? Ask yourself what you feel committed to, but maybe haven't acted very committed to lately, or perhaps never at all? Maybe there is an area of your life that you would like to take more action in your commitment?

  • Are you committed to your happiness, but you don't seem to prioritize the things in life that really bring you happiness?

  • Are you committed to your health, but you haven't had a check-up in years, and don't have daily routines that support your health?

  • Are you committed to your relationship, but you haven't really been putting in the effort to keep it strong?

  • Are you committed to healthy eating, but you have been lazy in this area lately & eating take-out way too often?

  • Are you committed to being a better steward of the earth & being more environmentally conscious, but you have been choosing easy & convenient instead more often?

  • Are you committed to self-care, but just haven't made it a priority?

  • Are you committed to serving your community in ways like volunteering, but you haven't actively participated in a long while?

  • Are you committed to creating a stronger community of friends for yourself, but you haven't made the time to strengthen those relationships?

  • Of course, this list could go on & on.....

Whatever it is, this is your cue to check in with yourself & re-commit your energy to something that means a great deal to you!

Life is full, and we all tend to have a lot on our plates. It can be easy to get distracted and not necessarily prioritize what is really most important in our lives. It can also be much easier than you think to readjust your focus and start taking some actions to the things that you are truly committed to - the things that you feel the strongest about. Only YOU has your answer in this area. Listen for it!

Wishing you a lovely rest of your week!