Happy 4th of July! 

I hope this day finds you enjoying some summertime fun with those you love around you!

There are a lot of traditions held around this holiday....fireworks, barbecues, potlucks, family vacations, camping, etc. So today I am thinking about traditions. I'm thinking about what they mean and how important they are. 

We are all wired to connect. It's a basic human need of ours, and holding traditions with family, friends, & community is a great way of connecting. 

In this fast paced & every changing world, traditions offer us a sense of familiarity, comfort, & security.

Traditions strengthen bonds in families, groups of friends, and in communities creating a sense of belonging. 

Traditions add a familiar rhythm to the seasons & cycles of life. 

Traditions often pass on cultural heritage, connecting us to our past & providing a deeper sense of identity. 

Traditions create lasting memories that stay with you throughout your life. 

What are your traditions? Do you have traditions within your family? Your friends? Your Community? Your culture?

How do these traditions connect you & serve you? 

Perhaps you would like to create some new traditions within the groups of people that you love? Or perhaps bringing back some old traditions would feel good? 

Traditions can be a wide range of things from watching a certain movie together on holidays, a special lunch every year on your birthday with just mom, sports competitions among family at the annual BBQ, donating to less fortunate as a family on the holidays, neighborhood parties, annual ladies weekends, cultural traditions, to large community celebrations that happen every year. I could really go on & on here.....

If you are wanting to start some new traditions with in the groups of people you love and want to connect with, ask yourself what you are wanting from them? Start with a purpose, and explore what feels good. Talk about traditions with your friends & family & ask what others hold as tradition in their life for some inspiration. And of course, google is always there to the rescue if you are looking for some creative ideas. 

Life is meant to be enjoyed together. I'd love to hear from you about some of your favorite traditions, or about traditions that you would like to start! 

Wishing you a fabulous rest of your week!