I have a personal inquiry question for you to work with today!

I felt drawn to pulling & sharing a card with you today. This is the card I drew card from my favorite deck of Inquiry cards. I love love love this deck! It feels magical somehow -  always offering the perfect personal inquiry question for the day. I often pull a card to work with for the day. I'll pull a card when I feel struggle around something. I'll pull a card when I'm trying to make a decision. And this deck of cards comes with me to many workshops and groups that I host. 

The card I pulled this morning asks: 

"What Is The Brave Action?"  

Take a moment to gaze at the picture above, allow the question to roll through your mind a few times, and then just listen. Do not overthink. Just open up to your answer. 

What comes up for you?

The beauty of these cards is they remind us that we do have our own answers inside of us. Always. You just need to be able to quiet your mind a bit, put yourself in a receiving mode, and listen. 

So, what comes to mind for you when you ask yourself this question? 

Is there something that you are avoiding in your life? That you are not taking action on? 

Maybe something that you fear failing at? Or something that you would rather not face? 

Something that you feel intimidated by, so you think it feels more comfortable to just ignore it? 

Or maybe there is something that you are handling in your life in a way that does not feel brave - you are taking the easy way out - and not facing that fact? 

Whatever comes to you is perfect - again, let's not overthink! 

NOW.....What IS the Brave Action for you to take? 

What is the ACTION that you feel a bit intimidated by? The one you fear failing at? The one that you feel vulnerable around? 

What is the ACTION that you know could benefit you in the end, but that you have been avoiding for one reason or another? 

NOW.....What do you need to do to take that action? 

Are there steps you need to take? If so, what step can you take today? 

Do you need support in taking this action?  Who can you ask for help? 

Ask yourself - what happens if you DON'T take this action? What will you miss out on, or lose? 

What could you gain from taking this brave action? 

REMEMBER - At the end of life, people generally regret the things they have not done rather than the things that they have. 

You are braver than you think. 

What is the brave action that you will take?

Wishing you a brave week full of action that helps to move you forward to your ideal life,