Happy New Year!

What are your new year intentions? 

Every year I pick a word of the year to symbolize my intentions for the year. This year I chose  phrase...or a question, rather. I also think of it as a filter in deciding how I spend my time. My phrase for the year is:

What Lights Me Up?

To be honest, this past year has been a whirlwind for me. Like many of us have a tendency to do, I took on too much. I kept myself too busy. I drained myself a bit. I decided this year that the best thing I could do for myself is to focus on spending my precious time & energy on the things and people in life that really light me up! When we are spending out time on the things that light us up, we are feeding our energy, rather than draining ourselves. This isn't only good for me...it also means that I am better able to serve my clients in the best way that I can.....from a place of being lit up!

Part of bringing in the new year for me was spending a day envisioning 2018, setting goals, making mind maps of how to reach my goals, starting a new vision board, meditating, and creating a list of the things in life that light me up!

For this year, when I am planning how to spend my free time, who to spend it with, which ideas to run with in my business, and what clients I want to work with privately, I will ask myself "what lights me up" when making these decisions. If I am using this question as a filter, I'll be serving myself and my clients in the best way possible. 

So, my question for you is: What lights you up? 

If you can get clear on the things and people in your life that really, truly light you up and feed your energy rather than drain it, then you have a plan for what will make your life feel full & satisfying in all the ways that matter to you!

Want to do yourself a huge favor as you enter this new year? Take a little time, and create your list of things that light you up. Add to it as you think of things. Set your intentions for the new year. Without intentions we can feel like we are wandering aimlessly. With intentions, we have a road map to the life we want. 

Wishing you an amazing & abundant new year full of all the things, people, places, & activities that light your spirit up! 


PPS- The image above I took on one of my favorite beaches in the world....Ruby Beach on the Olympic Peninsula where I spent Christmas Day. Spending time on the beach definitely lights me up and it was wonderful to have created the opportunity to have some days on the beach over the holidays. I hope yours were lovely wherever you chose to spend them :)