Every once in a while, I feel drawn to pulling a card from my favorite deck for my weekly writing. It's one of those weeks. The deck that I pull these cards from is called "Inquiry Cards". Each card asks a personal inquiry question, and a beautiful mandala-like images on each. They are wonderful for personal inquiry. I use them personally, in client sessions, and in workshops quite often. 

On to the inquiry question for the week! 

What needs to change? 

Take a moment, close your eyes, & sit with this question.
What comes to mind for you? 

We tend to spend a lot of time considering what we want, things that we want to be different in life, experiences we want to have, dreams we want to pursue, heath goals, etc. THIS is wonderful work. We need to have clarity in what we want to move forward and create our lives. 

AND sometimes, once we find that clarity the question we need to ask ourselves is the one above.
What needs to change? 

If we want life to look different, feel different, if we want to achieve health goals, travel goals, career goals, create the relationships we want, and do all of the things  we are daydreaming about, it's likely that there's stuff we need to change in order to make those things possible. 


I want to improve my health, have more energy, be more fit, or lose weight:
What needs to change? 
You may need to change how you eat.
You may need to learn how to eat differently.
You may need to give some things up that you indulge in.
You may need to make time in your schedule to exercise. 
You may need to give some less important things up to create this time. 
You might need to find some accountability support.

I want to travel more: 
What needs to change?
You may need to change your habits of procrastination, and work on being a planner. 
You may need to budget and address where you are spending your money on things that are less important to you, prioritizing travel.

I want to create more  healthy friendships. 
What needs to change?
You may need to push yourself outside of your comfort zone to attend activities where you can form bonds with people that have similar interests as you. 
You may need to evaluate your current friendships and let go of ones that are not healthy, allowing more energy to feed relationships that are.

I want to feel better about myself. 
What needs to change?
You may need to work on changing habits of self criticism. 
You may need to focus on and do some personal work around self love.  
You may need to make time for the things in life that cause you to feel good, and let go of things that don't. 

I want to lessen the stress in my life. 
What needs to change?
You may need to dedicate yourself to adopting habits that help alleviate stress. 
You may need to learn new coping mechanisms. 
You may need to consider changing jobs. 
You may need to consider the relationships in your life, and give less energy to the ones that include drama and stress. 

I could go on & on....but you get the picture. In order for transformation, growth, & newness in life, things need to change. So, what are you wanting to bring into your life right now? And what needs to change to allow those things in? 

I Invite you to sit with this question over the next few days.
See what answers your inner knowing comes up with. 

If you feel like you could use some support in finding this clarity, creating a plan, or following through, reach out to me. I'd be honored to support you! 

Wishing you a beautiful week!