In the world of wellness & personal growth, there are a lot of ideas presented that tell you exactly how you 'should' be doing things and our society has a lot of set standards in what's considered normal ways of doing life.

The truth is that you are an individual not exactly like anyone else in the world. While there are a lot of tried & tested ways of living a good life to draw from, it doesn't mean that you need to be doing things the exact way that others are in order to feel successful.

When you are intentionally working on creating a life that is healthy, full, expanding in growth, and one that feels & looks how you want it to, it's important to draw on others experience, but it's even more important to find what will work best for YOU!

Let me give you a big example from my life this year.......
One thing about myself that I've learned to pay close attention to when it comes to my personal needs and keeping my metaphorical cup feeling full is that I am 1/2 introvert & 1/2 extrovert. Every time I take the Myers-Briggs or other personality tests, I'm split right in the middle. What does this mean for me? it means that I need to keep a balance of being around people & deeply engaging while also allowing enough downtime to myself to be quiet and not so engaged. If I swing one way or the other too much, I begin to feel drained rather quickly.
In my coaching practice, I see my clients every other week. In January of this year I moved into a new office (which I love!) and I found a circumstance where I can share an office with someone, occupying it every other week. I blocked all of my clients into every other week so that I have 1 week where I am really engaged with people, I'm busy, I work longer days, & I show up fully for others. The following week, I don't have any client sessions and I work from home on things like writing this weekly blog, marketing, and all of the other tasks that come along with running your own business. This has proven to be SUCH a great schedule for me. On my weeks at home, I sometimes work from my pajamas for the day & shut my phone off. and I'm more easily able to schedule true downtime for myself. After a week of this, I am totally energized & excited to fully show up for my clients in sessions the next week because my cup feels full again. By the end of that week, I'm feeling ready to nourish myself by retreating a bit again. It's a cycle that is serving me in so many ways, and has proven to keep me feeling balanced & getting what I need when I need it!

I don't know a single other coach that has a schedule like this, or really any practitioner that has a schedule like this. After some personal exploration, I decided what would feel good for me, however unconventional, and I'm doing it.

Perhaps you don't have the ability to arrange such a schedule for yourself, but there are a lot of ways that you can explore to make things work best for how you specifically operate!

Some examples:

  • Maybe you are working on cooking healthy foods at home more for yourself rather than living on take-out, but you absolutely despise going to the grocery store especially when it's convenient after work and everyone else is there doing their shopping? You dislike having to do the shopping so much that you avoid it and you keep eating take out. There are options! Many stores now allow you to order online, someone does the shopping for you, & you pick it up on your way home! Or you can even have it delivered. A small change in how you do things could lead to you eating a whole lot better, which as you know can lead to more benefits than I can mention here.

  • Maybe you want to go to the gym, and everyone you know seems to jump up and go in the morning or on their lunch break? It seems like everyone tells you that you NEED to get it done early in the day, but you are simply not a morning person. You never have been, and after attempts to be an earlier riser, you have resigned to remaining in the flow of being more of a night owl. Why not go to the gym at 10 pm instead? If you are a night owl and the later evening hours are when you get a second wind, take advantage of that!

  • Maybe you really want to be one of those people that food preps every single week, but you just can't seem to make it happen? Maybe you do 1 big food prep day just 1 time per month, and freeze most of your prepped meals so that they are ready to go?

  • If you are more of an introvert, you are more fed & energized by interactions that are one-on-one, and taking alone time. If you are more of an extrovert you tend to be energized by time spent in groups of people, and don't require as much alone time. Acknowledge what your needs are in this area when you are planning business meetings, social meetings, and when you are making plans for trips, etc. If your extrovert needs to be fed, be the person to plan the party or the big group dinner. If your introvert needs to be fed, ask your friends for quiet dinners individually instead.

  • Maybe in your work, you would have an option of working from home sometimes if that would feel good to you? Or perhaps switching a full-time schedule to 4 10-hour days a week would be possible? Maybe taking a yoga class on your lunch break would work better if you never seem to want to go at the days end?

  • Everyone has different rhythms in their day. Some have more energy & focus in the morning, while others have more energy & focus later in the day, or evening. Pay attention to how you operate so that you can plan your life accordingly!

Some questions for you:

  • What came up for you personally as you were reading the above?

  • Is there something in your life that you feel like you can adjust in a way that will suit you, rather than just following the norm?

  • What do you struggle with that is not working out for you as it seems to for everyone else?

  • Is there another way of doing things that would work for you, even if it feels entirely unconventional?

I would like to encourage you to take some time this week to ponder this. In order to make things work in our life how we want them to, sometimes we need to be creative. Honoring how you operate and what is going to work for you rather than what seems to work best for everyone else is important in being successful at whatever your personal goals are.

Honor your uniqueness and try doing things in a different way. If it doesn't work, try something else. You owe it to yourself to create a life that feels good for YOU!

Wishing you an amazing rest of your week!