I want to talk about success today....

How do you define success?
Do you look at others and see them as successful?
Do you see yourself as successful?
If not, what would make you feel successful?

The definition of success is:
The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Do you know what your specific aim or purpose is?

I ask this because we have a tendency to adapt to our culture's version or idea of success in how we judge ourselves and others in being successful or not. Other people tend to judge whether or not we are a success by these same standards. These cultural standards can tend to focus on things like fame, the amount of wealth one has, level of education from specific schools, position in work, owning a booming business, owning houses, cars, or having children & raising a family.

I'm here today in your inbox to ask you if you are clear in what YOUR OWN definition of success is? In order to answer this question, you need to know what you want. Are you clear? What does your ideal life look like & feel like in its days?

Do you desire to be famous, or do you prefer a more private life?
Do you desire a lot of wealth or simply financial stability?
Is formal education important to you, or do you hold more value in learning what you are interested in on your own?
How do you want to spend your time?
Do you want to raise a family? Or do you hold more value the freedoms that come with flying solo?
Do you want to have the ability to dine at 5-star restaurants, or do you hold more value in being able to grow your own food? Maybe you want both?
Do you love keeping busy with work, or do you prefer more downtime?
Do you want your biggest passions to be what you do for a living, or are you happier having a job that financially supports you in the way that you want while pursuing your life passions outside of work?
Do you value extravagant travel or backpacking?

We are all very different humans that want different things.

The first key to success is knowing what it is that you really want in life!
Once you are clear on that, you know what your personal version or definition of success is, and you know what you aim to accomplish!

Too often we have a tendency to work towards what other people's version of success is rather than our own. Or we don't know what our own version is, so we aren't truly working towards anything. Instead, we're just living day after day without a feeling of aim or of purpose.

When you get really clear on what it is that YOU want, you can take the inspiration into action, and fill your days with activities that make you feel successful as well as meaningful actions that are bringing you closer to accomplishing your aim!

If this resonates with you, I would like to encourage you to do some journaling around your personal definition of success. Talk it out with someone close to you. What would your life look like if you felt successful by your own definition? When you are clear on that, you can focus on the actions you need to fill your days to get you there.

Let go of what society, family, or colleagues believe is successful, and really embrace what it means for you because it's not their version that is going to bring you the happy, full life that you deserve. It's yours.

Wishing you a wildly successful week!