Buying organic is important. For your health, and for the environment in a multitude of ways. 

However costly pesticides can be for your health and the environment, buying organic generally does have a steeper price tag at the grocery store which can make it hard for some to be able to afford to purchase all organic even though they would like to. THIS is why I love the EWG's Clean 15/Dirty Dozen list! 

Every year the EWG tests the most common conventionally grown produce items in the supermarkets for pesticide residue and content. Why? So that we can be educated on which fruits & vegetables are MOST important to always purchase organic because of the high levels of pesticides present in conventionally grown. Also, so that we know the produce items that don't tend to have many, if any pesticide residue on them when buying conventionally grown.

The dirty dozen list has the most pesticide residue present in conventionally grown produce. 
The clean 15 were the most common items with little or no pesticide residue. 
Don't pay the extra for the organic avocados if you don't want to. 
Always pay the extra for the organic strawberries! 

Strawberries, at the top of the dirty dozen list, had as many as 23 different pesticides in one sample! 

Did you catch that? 23 different pesticide residues on one strawberry!!!

Pictured above is the 2019 Clean 15 / Dirty Dozen list

I'm grateful for the work that the EWG does for us in this list they put out every year, as well as the many consumer guides that they offer to us telling us which products are the safest for us, our loved ones, and the environment. They are doing the homework for us! If you are wanting to work on purchasing cleaner products in your life, they have an app that you can download to see their homework on everything from food to shampoo & make-up, to laundry detergent & cleaning supplies. This resource is endlessness helpful if you are wanting to go greener! 

One more word on transitioning to a greener lifestyle......If you are beginning this process, or like me, feel like you are continually in this process of trying to do better and better all the time....Remember that it's like any other big change in life. If you try to take it all on at once, it will likely feel overwhelming. Work on one area of products and find a brand that you like, and work on transitioning that area of products over to natural ones that you know are clean, and you know they work well for you. Or simply start buying a greener choice the next time you run out of something. Then really focus on the next area of products and finding what you like best. I finally found a super clean makeup company that I love, which I've transitioned all of my cosmetics over to called Beauty Counter. I have a lot of H2O @ Home's cleaning products that I love, and I make many of my own cleaning sprays, etc. I make my own candles and body butter, and I have a couple of local and local-ish companies who's home & body products are clean as a whistle, and that I love (Alaffia and Uncle Harry's). It took me a long time to find things I really liked and transition to all of these green products over the years. Don't overwhelm yourself and you are likely to make this transition and stick to it. 

One more final word of advice......PLEASE know that just because something says that it is 'natural' or 'green' or 'vegan' or 'low fat' or 'no animal testing' or......that this claims really don't mean a thing. Be an ingredient reader, and/or let the EWG do most of the homework, and use their app. 

(Also- You can donate to the EWG's good work to help keep them going!)

Have a beautiful rest of your week!