January 1st I start going to the gym 3 times a week!
January 1st I'm going to start meal prepping & eating healthier!
January 1st I'm going to start journaling every day to get more in touch with myself!
January 1st.....January 1st......January 1st....January 1st......

Sound familiar? 

While the start of a new year does lend some great energy towards feeling like it's a fresh start and a good time to start implementing some change, I think that there can be TOO much hype around it. The image above I saw online tends to be a common attitude shared as we inch our way into the new year, and lose steam on our intended ambitions. Honestly, January 1st isn't always the best time to implement big changes, as many people are exhausted from the busy holiday season, feeling physically crappy from eating too much sugar and drinking too much champagne, and yet....that date. There's so much pressure on that date! 

So when is the best time to initiate some change? 


ANYTIME Is a good time to initiate change in your life! 
Whenever you are feeling inspired to do so! 
Whenever you are feeling the need for it! 
Whenever you are clear on what it is you want to change & how you can change it! 

I wanted to send this message out today because lately, I've witnessed a lot of comments & memes online similar to the one pictured above. I've had numerous conversations with clients & others in my life around the topic, and I think that it's extremely LIMITING to put such a big focus on January 1st! 

What if we broadened the focus to the whole year? 
The start of each month is a great opportunity to initiate some change!
The start of each week is a great opportunity to initiate some change!
The start of each day is a great opportunity to initiate some change!
The start of each hour or minute is a great opportunity to initiate some change!

RIGHT NOW is a great time to initiate some change. 

So, if you found yourself in the boat of making new years resolutions that fell short sometime last month, or fell short of creating the new year resolutions that you wanted to because you were more focused on the holiday season that you just didn't come up with them....I just want you to know that it's not too late.

Your January 1st can be any day that you choose it to be. It's entirely up to you! 

So, how was your January? Did you set intentions or resolutions & follow through? 
Do you need to readdress? Or address setting some intentions in the first place? 
Do you have clarity on what you really want to change or create? 
Equally as important, do you know exactly HOW to create these changes for yourself in a way that will work for you & your lifestyle? 

I'm SO curious and would LOVE to know your thoughts & experiences on this! 

Wishing you a fabulous & inspired rest of your week!