Where is your place?

This past week I had the most amazing getaway. The waterfall pictured above was one of the highlights. 

I've always been a water person. My favorite places to just BE generally involve water. Waterfalls, hot springs, lakes, rivers, the ocean.....baths. There's something for me about being on, in, or around water that is healing in a way that nothing else is for me. 

I visited the Umpqua River valley in Oregon for 4 nights with the intention of giving myself a few days of much-needed rest, grounding, connection, & healing after losing my K-9 friend of 15 years recently....in nature with my favorite element - water. 

The first day I soaked in the natural hot springs on a cliff side over looking the river. It was breathtaking and nourishing in such a sweet way. I soaked until my mind was blank. More clear than it has been in some time. 
The next day I soaked again until I was sure that I could not be any more relaxed. Then, I jumped in the fridged river, and back into the hot spring, and felt absolutely charged. The next day I sat and had lunch at the base of one of the most beautiful waterfalls I've ever seen. Feeling the rush of the water always elevates my mood and relaxes me at the same time. I hiked. I ate great food, I connected with a dear friend and new friends along the way.  I returned home on Sunday feeling quite literally like a brand new woman. 

The water is my place. Nature is my place. When I need to check out for a bit so that I can check back into life, I go to the water somewhere in nature. If I only have time for a short jaunt on a local trail, or a bath at home, I do that. I'm intentional about planning trips to the water because they are so healing for me. 

Where is your place? 
Where is it that you are able to feel grounded? 
Where you can let the busyness of your life melt away & where your mind clears a little easier? 
That place that nourishes you and rejuvenates you?

How intentional are you about making the time to take yourself there? 

We all need to unwind ourselves & charge our batteries from time to time. 
This is your reminder that it's a priority. 

Wishing you a beautiful week!