You've all heard the phrase "You are what you eat!". It's true. Literally. What you nourish the cells of your body with are what they have to work with. But have you considered the things you nourish your brain with? Like what you are listening to, reading, & watching? 

If you are taking action to create the life that you want, then you are likely acting in a way that reflects the life you want.....or you are at least trying, right? 

If you want to be healthy & feel good, you are likely watching what you eat.

You are conscious of what you say because you know that words have power.  

You make the time to spend with quality people that you love and feel are a good influence in your life. 

Are you also aware of what you are listening to, reading, & watching? 

This is kind of a big deal. What we nourish our minds with greatly affects who we are, how we feel, our thought patterns, our beliefs (conscious or unconscious), our intelligence, and our mood. 

Let me give you an example:

Let's say person A starts the day with listening to the news, drives to work while listening to music that has either violent or a sad tone & lyrics, spends time during the day taking in politically & socially charged articles & videos on social media (and likely partaking in some argumentative commentary), comes home to watch the news, then an extremely violent action packed movie, and some reading from their murder mystery book  before falling asleep. 

And let's say the person B wakes up and listens to a motivational video on YouTube while getting ready for the day, listens to some upbeat music that helps put them in a good mood on the way to work, Takes in positive & learning articles & videos on social media throughout the day (and likely engages in some positive commentary as well), listens to an audiobook learning about something they are interested in on the drive home, watches a inspirational movie or documentary, and reads some from their current personal growth book before falling asleep. 

How different do you think Person A & Person B feels in their life?

Yes, I realize that these are 2 very extreme examples here. I'd just like to ask you where you fit into the mix? What is it most common for you to take in via music, movies, videos, news, books, audio books, podcasts, etc? Are they positive? Are you gaining knowledge? Are they things that elevate your spirit or bring you down? 

I'm sure that you have spent a day with someone who was really negative about everything, and felt drained by it. it's easier to be around negative people and be negative yourself, right? Just as it's easy to tuck your complaints away and be more positive around positive people in your life. 

The media that you take in can affect you the same way, and you may not even realize how much so, because you are used to it. 

So, I challenge you this week to pay attention to what you are taking in, and how it makes you feel. Add more positive, growth giving, knowledge sharing things to the mix, and see how much better you feel. 

I'm not suggesting that you bury your head in the sand, and pay no attention to what it going on in the world, or never watch an action packed movie again. I'm just suggesting that you become aware of what you are taking in, how it affects you, and decide for yourself how some change here might serve you in creating the life that feels best for you. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week!