"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending."

(I wish I knew who to credit for this quote ...Perhaps CS. Lewis, but the jury is out on the interwebs!)

Why do we spend so much time & energy ruminating on how we wished we could have done things differently?
What if we spent that energy instead on starting where we are to change the ending?

Sure, thinking through the way that we have done things and acknowledging how we could have done differently has value. if we take the time to contemplate these things and file it away so that we apply that knowledge to future situations in life, that is a win. it's how we learn & how we grow as people.

However, ruminating on how you wish you'd done things differently isn't helpful, in fact, it can be harmful. Being hard on ourselves, or spending time wishing "what if...." can leave you feeling drained, not so great about yourself, and not necessarily motivated to move forward in a better way.

What if you focused instead on what you can do now to move forward and have the ending that you want? What if you let go of any guilt or shame and instead became a cheerleader for yourself in moving forward? Guess what....you can still create a great ending from where you are right now. You simply need to focus on it.

What comes to mind for you in your life as you read the above? This can apply to many things...

Maybe you have ignored areas of your health for a long time?
Maybe you made a mistake that led friendships or relationships off to a rough start?
Maybe you didn't follow that dream of yours you had years ago?
Maybe you haven't kept promises you have made to yourself or others?

Whatever it is, know that you can start again from wherever you are right now.
Think about the desired outcome you want for yourself & then decide what you can do from here to achieve that. It may not look exactly like the original ending you had in mind, but life is a journey, and it's impossible to control the exact destinations. If you make moves & take action towards the things you want, you will end up in a happier place than if you spend that energy lamenting over how you wished you'd done things differently from the beginning.

If you are open to some personal growth work this week, do some journaling around this topic, or have a conversation with someone close to you that is encouraging. Make a plan in moving forward with the intention of the ending that you desire. You deserve it!

Wishing you an outstanding rest of your week,